Adventure: a family trip – Day 1: From Moscow to Dolgoprudny to the ice cream factory, after Sergiev Posad.

In short, today the program includes: interesting places of Dolgoprudny, the Mayakovsky Dacha Museum on Shark Hill, where he wrote many of his poems, an amusement park in Sergiev Posad and a restaurant, which has become a landmark. The day promises to be rich and madly interesting.
Adventure: a family trip

Trip duration: 6 days

Anastasia Baklanova

Hyundai Solaris

ООО "Чистая Линия"


Our journey will begin with an unusual tour of an ice cream factory. Here we will learn all the secrets of production and see how the filling fills the glasses or Eskimo is covered with glaze. But the most pleasant part of the excursion is the final one, as at the end you can taste fresh ice cream. But it is better to sign up for a convenient time [in advance](

Яблоневый сад


After the excursion you can walk in the Apple orchard, in summer it is especially beautiful. It is interesting that the garden decorated the city a hundred years ago, and now it has been breathed into a new life.

Wild Apple

Restaurants, Music Venues

Not a bad restaurant almost in the city center, with quality service and a varied menu. By the way, prices do not bite here. Let's have lunch and go again!

Дача - музей В. В. Маяковского


Dacha, which was once filmed by the famous Russian poet VV. Mayakovsky. This is where he wrote some of his poems: "The Attitude to the Lady", "Dacha Case", "Spring". The famous lines from his poem "An Extraordinary Adventure, which used to be with Vladimir Mayakovsky in summer at his summer cottage", which was also written here on Shark Hill: "At one hundred and forty sunset was blazing, it was summer in July, it was hot, the heat has floated - at the dacha was this. Pushkino's hump was hunching Shark Peas, and the bottom of the mountain. there was a village, crooked the roofs with a bark. And behind the village... a hole, and into that hole, I guess, the sun came down every time, slowly and surely." The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Парк чудес


At the end of the day, we'll just go for a walk in the amusement park and ride the rides. The kids will be happy!

Русский дворик

Russian Restaurants

It's time for dinner, I picked a special restaurant for him. It is located in the heart of Sergiev Posad, and received its first guests back in 1992. Now the restaurant is already one of the main attractions of the city. It attracts tourists with its interesting interior and good cuisine. By the way, waitresses have a special dress code here, they bring food in traditional Russian sundresses.