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Winter trip to Tula

Winter trip to Tula
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3 Days


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846 km






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It's worth seeing how fabulous and beautiful Tula is in winter. The tall houses are like gingerbread houses. In three days of travel, you can experience the atmosphere of merchant and noble homesteads, learn something new and try traditional cuisine. Do not forget about winter fun: sledding, tubing, skating or snowboarding.
Lina Solo
Lina Solo
Travel Expert
  • See Notre Dame near Moscow.
  • To visit the estates of V.D. Polenov and A.T. Bolotov.
  • Sleigh ride on the Kulikovo field.
  • Learn to snowboarding.
  • Try traditional cuisine.
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Estate Museum, amusement park and interactive museum
Day 1286 km351 m

Estate Museum, amusement park and interactive museum

The first day's program is quite unusual. First, the Church of Our Lady in Dubrovice (it is called Notre Dame near Moscow). Then there is the Wild Squirrels Winter Adventure Park. In the afternoon there is the Polenov museum-reserve. And in the evening - the interactive Museum of the Machine Tool.
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Day 2258 km1 km

On the second day it will be possible to get better acquainted with traditions and history. Visit the Gingerbread House, the Museum of Samovars and the Museum of Merchant Life. Visit the Kulikovo Field. Ride horses or sleds. Children can take part in the children's quest "One in the field is not a warrior." And in the evening, everyone will have a good time together in the fashionable space of the "Iskra".
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Day 3303 km

The adventure continues. In the morning - Tula Exotarium and Theatre for Young Spectators. In the afternoon, the atmospheric estate of A.T. Bolotov. And closer in the evening - tubing or snowboarding and an unusual restaurant.
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