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Weekend Road Trip from Moscow: Manors, Holy Spring and Bisons

Road Trip Route. Unusual architecture in Moscow region, Walk around the estates, Acquaintance with the bison in the reserve.

A simple but fascinating route for those who are tired of spending their weekends in the city. Get behind the wheel, open the itinerary on your smartphone and hit the road! Beautiful architecture, nature walks, a nature reserve with rare animals and surprising gastronomic discoveries.

History and Culture, Unique Locations. From: Moscow

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Walks on estates and a cinema city

Baroque in Moscow Region, Gorki Leninskie, Kinogorod and one of the best restaurants in Moscow Region.


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Museum-reserve "Gorki Leninskie

The first stop that was on our way south of Moscow was Gorki Leninskie. The museum part is closed for quarantine, but you can walk around the park area of the reserve. In addition to historical buildings and an unusual cubist building, one can find here a water reservoir, a romantic rotunda on the bank, and an 800-year-old oak tree. Entrance to the territory of the reserve costs only 50 rubles per person. Tickets are payable at the entrance.


Here on the territory of the museum-reserve is an abandoned, but no less interesting Kinogorodok, where you can take unusual photos.

Church of the Sign of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Next stop is the church near the Dubrovitsy estate near Podolsk. Amazing architecture for the suburbs. You would expect to see it somewhere in France, but not near Moscow. You can walk around on the beautiful territory along the river or in the park next to the manor.

Kitchen Market

In Serpukhov, I recommend stopping for lunch at Kitchen Market. It is rightly regarded as one of the best restaurants in the Moscow suburbs, according to reviews from locals and visitors to the town. The quality of service and the dishes on offer are superb! The prices are even very acceptable. It is better to book a table in advance. Even for lunch on weekdays. You can reach us at 8 (925) 659-06-00.


The final stop for today is Bolotov Dacha. Each of the rooms is named after one of the plants that Andrey Timofeyevich Bolotov grew in his famous garden. [You can book a room at this link](https://bolotov.life/?utm_source=trip&utm_medium=trip&utm_campaign=goroadtravel). You can dine here by buying food from the local farm shop or by visiting the public space - the glass veranda in the main building (the Big House). *Please note, hotel rules require a QR code for check-in. Information current as of December 2021.

Day 2: Unusual animals and a beautiful holy spring

Tale and Source of St. David, as well as acquaintance with the bison in the reserve near Moscow.

Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve

Near Serpukhov there is a nature reserve where the bison live. The zoo is the opposite - where the animals are in the wild, and people are in the corridor behind the fence. The bison feeders are next to the fence, so you will definitely get to see them up close. Visiting the reserve is only possible in small organized groups. From Monday to Friday, excursion groups are formed at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00. On weekends, they are gathered by local guides every hour starting at 9:00. Tickets are purchased at the reserve's ticket office, near the parking lot. Groups gather at the large bison statue. Adult ticket price is 400 rubles.

The Holy Spring of St. David

On your way back to Moscow, make a small detour to Talezh, especially to visit the Spring of St. David. In addition to the spring itself, where you can take water with you on the road and back home (the containers should be brought with you), a trip here is also worthwhile for a simple walk around the area around the holy place.

Fish Point

If you feel like dining at another great restaurant near Moscow, make a stop at Fish Point on the banks of the Konopelka River. On the menu you can find such kinds of river fish as: Karelian trout, sturgeon grown at the own farm in Moscow region, Kursk crucian carp and, of course, Belgorod carp. The live product is cooked in 6 different ways: smoked, grilled, pan-fried, in a batter, salted or in an oven. Phone for reservations: 8 (495) 782-23-34