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Bath and the Cotswolds. England's most beautiful village

So how is it that Bath has become one of the most beautiful cities in England? Surprisingly, it's even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The answer is simple: it happened in the 18th century, when the thermal spa became quite a fashionable place among the English nobility. This happened largely thanks to the efforts of Richard Boe Nash - the famous dandy and trendsetter in England: he was appointed master of ceremonies, which is engaged in the organization of entertainment for the visiting public. Under him, Bath became so popular with tourists that the city authorities decided to rebuild the city streets in a style which would correspond to the splendor and fashion of the new time.

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8 m5 min
The Royal Crescent Hotel
09:0015 min

The Royal Crescent Hotel

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The redevelopment of the city was undertaken by the architect John Wood, a great admirer of Italian architecture and a true creator. Wood's dream was to revive Bath's classic Palladian appearance, and he succeeded. Under Wood's direction, many of the city's iconic buildings were built, including The Royal Crescent...
317 m5 min
The Circus
09:2015 min

The Circus

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...and The Circle (a must-see). He used a unique honey-coloured limestone quarried in the city as the building material for his masterpieces. It was believed that it was used by the Romans. This unity of style made Bath's architecture a major landmark that tourists from all over the world still come to admire to this day.

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