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Weekend in Vyborg with children

Weekend in Vyborg with children
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


2 Days


By Car


376 km






History and CultureKids Friendly🎅 Winter Trips
A curious route with interactive entertainment for the whole family. We will go to Vyborg, founded by Swedish crusaders, to walk around the most European city of our country and be a little knightly in a real castle. On the second day we will turn from knights into Vikings in medieval Svargas and plunge into their life. We'll finish our journey in a relaxing atmosphere on the lake shore.
Alina Maslova
Alina Maslova
Travel Expert
  • Taste the legendary Vyborg pretzel.
  • Try on a knight's armor and, if you're lucky, take part in a knight's battle at Vyborg Castle.
  • Walk in the picturesque park of Montrepo.
  • Feel like a real Viking in the medieval town of Svargas.
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Getting to know Vyborg
Day 1152 km2 km

Getting to know Vyborg

A full day in the atmospheric Vyborg awaits us. We'll treat ourselves to a legendary pretzel at the Ginger Cat's house, dress up in knight's armour at the Vyborg Castle, explore the mysterious Monrepo Park. For dessert, we'll take a walk along the seafront and a photo at sunset near Viking drakkars.
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Journey to the medieval town of Svargas
Day 2225 km3 km

Journey to the medieval town of Svargas

Today we will visit a reconstructed life-size Viking fortress and really experience their life. At the end of the trip we will actively and pleasantly spend time on the shore of the forest lake. We deserve it!
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