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Vyatka cucumbers, Kostroma cheese, Pereslavl vendace and Myshkinskaya hellebore.

Vyatka cucumbers, Kostroma cheese, Pereslavl vendace and Myshkinskaya hellebore.
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Gastronomy🎅 Winter Trips
We invite you on a journey through the tastes of the Russian land that used to resound throughout the Russian Empire and beyond...
You will taste Vyatka cucumbers and find out why no fertilizers are needed to grow them in Vyatka; admire the variety of Kostroma cheese and try cheese fondue and, finally, visit the vodka capital of Russia - Myshkin town, where you will drink (and the driver will buy home) the legendary Kosorovka.
Maria Gorobets
Maria Gorobets
Travel Expert
  • Museum of the Merchant Farmer.
  • Cheese Museum.
  • Brewery.
  • Museum of Vodka Man.
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Vyatka cucumbers and Kostroma cheese
Day 1289 km

Vyatka cucumbers and Kostroma cheese

Today you will taste Vyatka cucumbers, which were famous throughout the Russian Empire, visit the cheese museum and learn how to eat cheese so as to lose weight.
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Brewery and Myshkin Kosorovka
Day 2240 km745 m

Brewery and Myshkin Kosorovka

Today will be a "drinking day": you will visit a brewery and find out how malt is selected for beer, and visit the museum of Russia's most famous vodka maker. Those who don't drive will be able to taste the legendary Kosorovka. The main thing is not to drink while driving! :)
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