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Day 2486 km503 m

Journey along the Volga River, visit monastery, natural parks and UFO encounter.

A visit to the Holy Ascension Dubovsky Monastery, a walk around the natural monument "Alexander Graben", a picnic on a bluff with a view of the Volga and a visit to the Medveditsky Ridge, where according to the legends you can meet UFOs and see ball lightning.

Day Itinerary

3 km10 min
Magnet Family
08:3030 min

Magnet Family

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On the second day of the trip you'll have a great opportunity for a picnic with a panoramic view of the Volga River. So after breakfast, stop by the store to buy everything you need for a nature lunch and hit the road!
46.7 km50 min
Svyato-Voznesenskiy Dubovskiy Monastyr'
10:1545 min

Svyato-Voznesenskiy Dubovskiy Monastyr'

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Every pilgrim and ordinary tourist should definitely visit the Holy Ascension Nunnery, which is located near Volgograd, in Dubovka. It fascinates with its atmosphere, history and legends of miracles. On the territory of the monastery there is a holy spring and a dairy shop with delicious monastic milk, sour cream and cheeses.

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