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Vladimir region: from chocolate to cheese

Road Trip Route. Sweet Museum and Monument to Chocolates, Pokrovsky Gingerbread Factory, Cheesecake Factory and English Tea Party at Bogdarnia Agricultural Complex.

You will plunge into the atmosphere of "Russian-style" gastronomy, get acquainted with the history of chocolate, learn the recipe for the most delicious gingerbread. Yes, they are baked not only in Tula! You will also visit a farm and a cheese dairy, where you will have a great opportunity to see how a unique cheese is made, drink tea in the English manner and learn how to cook steaks. You can also take home some delicious fish and painted gingerbread as a memento of your trip.

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Maria Mamedli. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Chocolate and gingerbread

Our route will start with a visit to the Chocolate Museum and "Pokrovskiy Gingerbread" factory. And in the evening you'll have an English tea party!


Chocolate Museum (Музей Шоколада)

You should start your journey and whet your appetite with a visit to the Chocolate Museum in the town of Pokrov. You will learn everything about the history of the popular sweets: from the very origins to the present day. The exhibition is interactive and will be of interest to both adults and children. The museum welcomes guests from Wednesday to Sunday.

Памятник Шоколаду

Did you know that there's a chocolate monument? Let's conclude our acquaintance with history - a few steps away from the museum there is a monument in the form of a chocolate bar. It is located in a pleasant, small square, where you can rest after the tour.

Cafe U Oleg

This cafe serves delicious soups and rolls. The cafe is popular with locals and tourists, so sometimes you have to wait a long time to order.

Покровский пряник

Then we go to the gingerbread factory. There we will get acquainted with the unique production of Pokrovsky gingerbread. You will get into the heart of making gingerbread masterpieces: secret recipes and ancient interiors are waiting for you. You can finish the acquaintance by tasting your favourite delicacy with a cup of fragrant tea. You can also visit a master class on gingerbread paintings: you can create your own unique gingerbread masterpiece. Children and adults will be delighted! Tours and workshops are available from Monday to Friday. Be sure to sign up in advance using the contacts on [website](http://xn--b1amadcbdwdbihhgk3u.xn--p1ai/index.php?aux_pages=18).

Bogdarnya Agro Complex

After that, go to the main location of the tour: the agro-cultural tourist complex "Bogdarnia". Here the English Tea Party will be waiting for you, which is known to take place at this time. Be sure to sign up for the tea party in advance using the contacts at [website](http://bogdarnya.ru/#8thpage). After the tea party you will be able to have dinner at the Kolkhozny Club restaurant, which serves locally sourced food. You will immediately experience all the flavour of the place. And in the evening it is especially pleasant to relax in the sauna, which stands on the territory of the complex in the form of a watchtower.

Day 2: Agri-farm: cheese making and meat delicatessen

On this day we will become active participants in making cheese and creating meat delicacies. We will finish the day in a colorful Russian restaurant in Vladimir.

Bogdarnya Agro Complex

Start the day with a hearty breakfast in the complex's restaurant. Then you can go on a tour of the complex together with the farm's experts: see and pet sheep and other pets. Then we go to the cheese factory, where we get acquainted with the cheese production process and try different sorts of cheese. Afterwards it is worth taking a break for a farmer's brunch in the "Collective Farm Club" of the complex. Afterwards there will be a continuation of the brunch on the grill veranda and a master class "Meat" with tasting of special steaks. Be sure to book all activities in advance by calling [the complex website](https://bogdarnya.ru/services/excursion/).

Памятник "Владимирская вишня"

Leaving the unique farm, we will go to the historical center of the city of Vladimir. The first thing we will visit will be the cherry tree monument. Vladimir has been known since ancient times as the 'cherry town', due to which this monument has been erected. The monument is located next to the Patriarch's Garden, where you can also take a walk and relax.

Георгиевская улица

Then it is worth a walk to the pedestrian zone located in "Old Vladimir". The pedestrian street is beautifully restored and packed with various tourist facilities. One of the bronze sculptures is very popular: a monument to a philanderer (criminal investigation police agent), watching the actions of a young prankster from behind a bollard.

Круча / Krucha

Since it was a busy day, it is best to go for dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city. The restaurant "Krucha" is famous for its exquisite Russian cuisine and incredible author's serving.

Day 3: A little history and a "fish" for last

We will learn a little bit about the history of the beautiful city of Vladimir, we will also visit one of the best restaurants in the city. On the way home we will visit a shop with the freshest fish and fish delicacies.

Золотые ворота

The final day of the trip you can start with the acquaintance with the main and the most striking historical monuments of the city Vladimir. "Golden Gate" of Vladimir is one of the city's visiting cards and a pearl of the Russian Golden Ring. In the upper part of the structure there is a military-historical exposition, you can also visit it if you wish. The museum doesn't open on Thursdays, and had many days off in January. Check: whether the weekends coincide with your travel dates at [website](https://vladmuseum.ru/ru/geografiya-muzeya/vladimir/zolotye-vorota/).

Соборная площадь

The Sobornaya Square is just a few minutes' drive away. It got its name because of two cathedrals nearby: the Dmitrievsky and the Svyato-Uspensky. The second one is very popular and famous. There are many interesting objects: cathedrals, park named after Pushkin, a monument in honor of 850 anniversary of Vladimir, former provincial administrative seats ("Chambers"), building of the City Duma, officers' house and building of male gymnasium. It is a wonderful place for a walk and acquaintance with the historical part of the city.

Museum Center "Chambers"

There is an art gallery with icons, paintings of Russian painters of the XVII - early XX centuries and modern paintings, a memorial exhibition of noble manor and children's museum centers. The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed on Mondays. The museum may have special weekends. Check to see if your travel dates fall there on [website](https://vladmuseum.ru/ru/geografiya-muzeya/vladimir/muzeynyy-tsentr-palaty/).

Обломов / Oblomov

You can finish your acquaintance with the city with a pleasant lunch in a colorful Russian restaurant. The desserts are especially worth tasting - they are simply beyond praise! Afterwards, we head off in the direction of Moscow.

Gazpromneft filling station #267

Ahead of the Gazpromneft filling station. A good reason to make a stop: refuel with quality fuel, drink coffee and just warm up.

Бисерово Рыбхоз

Since our tour is of gastronomic nature, on the way home it is worth stopping at the fish shop at the Biserovsky fish factory. There you can find both fresh and hot and cold-smoked fish - everything is very fresh and delicious! You will not regret it.

Cafe Meat Village

You can have a hearty meal in the very democratic No Waiters Café. You pick the ingredients you have already prepared (vegetables, meat, fish), weigh them, pay for them and they are cooked for you on the fire. The steaks here are amazingly delicious!