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Vladimir region: from chocolate to cheese

Vladimir region: from chocolate to cheese
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You will plunge into the atmosphere of "Russian-style" gastronomy, get acquainted with the history of chocolate, learn the recipe for the most delicious gingerbread. Yes, they are baked not only in Tula!
You will also visit a farm and a cheese dairy, where you will have a great opportunity to see how a unique cheese is made, to drink tea, the English way and to learn how to cook steaks. And as a memento of the trip you will bring delicious fish and painted gingerbread.
Maria Mamedli
Maria Mamedli
Travel Expert
  • Sweet Museum and Monument to Chocolates.
  • Pokrovsky Gingerbread Factory.
  • Cheesecake Factory and English Tea Party at Bogdarnia Agricultural Complex.
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Chocolate and gingerbread
Day 1132 km894 m

Chocolate and gingerbread

Our route will start with a visit to the Chocolate Museum and "Pokrovskiy Gingerbread" factory. And in the evening you'll have an English tea party!
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Agri-farm: cheese making and meat delicatessen
Day 272 km894 m

Agri-farm: cheese making and meat delicatessen

On this day we will become active participants in making cheese and creating meat delicacies. We will finish the day in a colorful Russian restaurant in Vladimir.
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A little history and a "fish" for last
Day 3204 km

A little history and a "fish" for last

We will learn a little bit about the history of the beautiful city of Vladimir, we will also visit one of the best restaurants in the city. On the way home we will visit a shop with the freshest fish and fish delicacies.
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