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Visit Astoria: Scenic Views, History and Local Food

Visit Astoria: Scenic Views, History and Local Food
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The mouth of the Columbia River, part of Oregon's coastline, is full of history and things to see. Astoria is one of Oregon's gems—in this small town stacked on a hillside, you'll explore the historic downtown and walk the pier. Right on the border with Washington, Astoria offers unique geography that you won't get anywhere else.
This route provides a lot of excitement for film fans. Oregon's northern coast has attracted both amateur and accomplished filmmakers. This route includes several stops that the careful eye will recognize from popular movies.
This easy-going day trip is a nice way to experience both the past and present of the region.
Lena Beck
Lena Beck
Travel Expert
  • View both Oregon and Washington from the Astoria Column.
  • Enjoy freshly made pastries and coffee at Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe.
  • Take in diverse bird life at Haystack Rock.

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Visit Astoria: Scenic Views, History and Local Food
Day 1334 km

Visit Astoria: Scenic Views, History and Local Food

A day trip to Astoria is leisurely and pleasant. In addition to the spectacular vistas in the area, take in the local gastronomy and unique facets of Astoria's cultural history.
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