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Trekking tour of the south-east nature reserves of Sicily

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Hello my friends, I'm Claudia Basilicò and with this tour I will take you to discover the Natural Reserves of Avola Antica, a magical place surrounded by nature, where it is possible to go trekking and also enjoy swimming in the lakes that nature gives us. Finally I will show you Noto Antica, an area rich in information covering a time span, that goes from the prehistoric era to 1693, the year of the earthquake. Noto Antica is an archaeological sites with the remains of medieval structures where you can still admire monuments of great historical importance, such as the the Royal Castle built in 1091 and enlarged by Duke Pietro D'Aragona in 1430, rests of buildings and churches, and sections of the imposing walls that fortified the urban center. *Credits: This tour was made by Claudia Basilicò, as a multimedia tourist and storytelling project for the "Laboratory of formal technical writing (storytelling and gamification)", under the coordination of Prof. Elisa Bonacini, within the ITS 2-years COURSE "Higher Technician for the management of tourist accommodation facilities and cultural activities", 2019-2021, founded by the ITS Archimede Foundation at the CUMO Eastern Mediterranean University Consortium, in Noto (Syracuse).*

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: First day of your "Avola" trip

I will take you to discover the beautiful city of Avola, in the shape of a hexagon. Known and appreciated in particular for the fine wine that is produced in these areas, the very famous and prized "Nero d'Avola", and for the famous "pizzuta" almond of Avola, the city offers numerous tourist ideas, as well as an enchanting sea.

Catania Fontanarossa Airport (CTA) (Aeroporto di Catania Fontanarossa)

Welcome to Catania! Have a bit of relax, taste a ricotta cannolo or an arancino, pick up your car ....and let's drive!


Dear Friends, welcome to [Avola](, a coastal town with a hexagonal plan. It is a destination not to be missed, thanks to a unique mix of art and culture, relaxed life, beaches and good food. An ideal destination, both to spend a few hours and to spend an entire vacation there.

Piazza Umberto I

Here is the main square, which has always been the beating heart of city life and the scene of the most important events. Here you will find some of Avola's oldest religious and civil buildings. In the perimeter of the hexagon (which was drawn by the priest architect Fra' Angelo Italia soon after the [1693 earthquake](, which destroyed the ancient site of Avola Antica) you will find four other squares that I recommend you to go and I am talking about Piazza Teatro, Piazza Trieste, Piazza Regina Elena and Piazza Vittorio Veneto. Ps. everything is surrounded by bars and pastry shops, I recommend to taste a nice typical cannolo and don't miss the almond granita which is of indescribable goodness.

Trattoria Chapeau

The Trattoria Chapeau is a home with a cozy and familiar atmosphere where families, couples and groups come together to eat and talk about each other. The staff is managed and made up of women who blend the evolution of taste with the desire to share a simple but stimulating cuisine, with the desire to introduce traditional local cuisine and a vegetarian and vegan diet full of taste and simplicity. not forget to taste a [Nero d'Avola]( bottle of wine!


Friends! certainly can not miss a nice swim and a walk along the promenade!

Tonnara di Avola

Here we are at the tonnara, here you can enjoy a nice aperitif with a sea view and wait for the sunset in total relaxation

Trattoria Del Pescatore

Now a nice dinner in the fantastic Taverna del Pescatore, here you can eat typical dishes and if you want even a pizza.

Day 2: Second day: Tourist visit and trekking at the Reserve

On this day I will take you to discover the Mother Church of the city of Avola and after this first cultural stop, I will show you the Cavagrande Reserve with its fantastic lakes. PS. do not forget to equip yourself with hiking boots and a bathing suit. After this nice tour I suggest you go and eat a good typical dish.

Chiesa Madre S.Nicolò

Good morning friends, today I will show you the Mother Church, which represents the first sacred space of the new city of Avola. As I told you, the new town has been designed and rebuilt after the violent earthquake of 1693. Beyond the elegant portal, surmounted by the coat of arms of the Pignatelli, Marquesses of Avola, inside the three large naves are valuable paintings from the 18th century. Interesting are the baroque chapels with the statues of the Madonna del Lume, from Malta, and of the Immaculate Conception. Remarkable is the chapel of the SS. Sacramento defined in 1781 and bordered by a finely decorated wrought iron gate. Inside, noteworthy are the Rococo stuccoes and, on the vault, the painting with the Sacrifice of Noé attributed to Vincenzo Provenzani; on the sides are the Deposition of 1778 and the Crucifix used in the Good Friday procession; from 1769 is the crypt designed by the architect and priest from Avola Giuseppe Alessi.

Belvedere Avola Antica

Dear friends, here is the belvedere .. what to say .. it's so gorgeous. The city, the sea, the atmosphere .. All fantastic.

Riserva di Cavagrande

Are you ready for this adventure? !! So .. you'll have a nice walk but I can assure you that the place is gorgeous Ps. do the dives, because you are never too old to do them hahaha Enjoy yourselves

Agriturismo Avola Antica

After a day there is always a good dish to be savored You are in the right place.

Day 3: Third day: Carrubella & Petracca

Dear friends, are you loaded up? I hope so, because today I will show you other lakes in the Reserve and I'm talking about Cava Carrubella and Petracca These are also fantastic places, nature always surrounds us.

Agriturismo Avola Antica

Here you can have a coffee to start your day! Ready ?!


My friends, here we are in Carrubella. Have you seen the journey how beautiful it is?! Not to mention the place... Have fun!

Cava Grande - Petracca

Here we are in Petracca, another fantastic place. Relax and enjoy as always.

Day 4: Last day: Martin Pescatore and Noto Antica

My friends, today is the last day together and I want to leave you good memories of this trip! This is the reason why, I will take you to the area of Ancient Noto! I'm talking about "Martin Pescatore", where even here you can take a nice bath surrounded by nature and after a nice walk to discover Noto Antica (which was abandoned after the 1693 earthquake and a new [Noto]( was founded 8 km away). Here you can admire a series of spectacular sites belonging to all eras: a medieval castle with still prisoners' graffiti visible and the remains of the Palatine Chapel; Greek antiquities in different parts of the city; sumptuous 17th-century buildings entirely collapsed; city walls from every era; altars, niches, former hospitals, caves, churches, an Hellenistic gymnasiums ... all immersed in a vegetation that in the innermost parts becomes sudden and impassable. We sneak in, take strange paths, get lost, find ourselves, climb over… in a context of absolute naturalistic silence.

Martin Pescatore

Good morning friends Welcome to Martin Pescatore. Password "FUN" no come on, joking aside, this is another place surrounded by nature. Enjoy it all.

Noto Antica

This stage of the tour could not be missed. Evocative place surrounded by the ruins of the ancient Netum.

Le Monache

Before leaving...a suggestion!!! Stop in Sortino and try this incredible covered pizza, the "pizzolo"...only in Sortino they cook a pizza in this way... Finally ... take again your car and drive to the Catania Airport. My friends, I really hope you enjoy this naturalistic tour between caves, rivers, lakes!See you soon!