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    Day 4

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    Last day: Martin Pescatore and Noto Antica

    My friends, today is the last day together and I want to leave you good memories of this trip! This is the reason why, I will take you to the area of Ancient Noto! I'm talking about "Martin Pescatore", where even here you can take a nice bath surrounded by nature and after a nice walk to discover Noto Antica (which was abandoned after the 1693 earthquake and a new Noto was founded 8 km away). Here you can admire a series of spectacular sites belonging to all eras: a medieval castle with still prisoners' graffiti visible and the remains of the Palatine Chapel; Greek antiquities in different parts of the city; sumptuous 17th-century buildings entirely collapsed; city walls from every era; altars, niches, former hospitals, caves, churches, an Hellenistic gymnasiums ... all immersed in a vegetation that in the innermost parts becomes sudden and impassable. We sneak in, take strange paths, get lost, find ourselves, climb over… in a context of absolute naturalistic silence.
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    Fiat Panda
    09:3530 min

    Fiat Pandaor similar

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    4.5 mi
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    Noto Antica
    11:006 hrs

    Noto Antica

    Historic Site
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    This stage of the tour could not be missed. Evocative place surrounded by the ruins of the ancient Netum.
    27.3 mi
    1 hr 10 min
    Pizzeria Trattoria Le Monache
    19:001 hr

    Pizzeria Trattoria Le Monache

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    Before leaving...a suggestion!!! Stop in Sortino and try this incredible covered pizza, the "pizzolo"...only in Sortino they cook a pizza in this way... Finally ... take again your car and drive to the Catania Airport. My friends, I really hope you enjoy this naturalistic tour between caves, rivers, lakes!See you soon!
    Day 3
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