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Tossa de Mar and the Costa Brava

Tossa de Mar and the Costa Brava
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The Costa Brava is one of Spain's most alluring coastlines, twisting northeast from Barcelona to the French border. Along the way, there are hidden coves with striking turquoise water, rugged headlands with panoramic views, and ancient footpaths that trace their way along the coast. Unspoiled, wild, and beautiful, this is an intoxicating region of Spain that you'll continue dreaming of long after you've returned home.
This trip focuses on a small part of the Costa Brava around the popular town of Tossa de Mar. One of the most outstanding destinations along the coast, this journey will have you visiting historic castles, admiring the beautiful coast, and swimming at some of the most stunning beaches you've ever seen.
James Taylor
James Taylor
Travel Expert
  • Stroll through a beautiful Mediterranean garden on the cliffs above the sea.
  • Explore the ancient ramparts and enjoy panoramic views at Tossa de Mar Castle.
  • Take a dip in some of the picturesque coves along the Costa Brava.

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Coastal Gardens and Tossa de Mar
Day 1104 km2 km

Coastal Gardens and Tossa de Mar

Today, you'll make your way northeast from Barcelona, following along the coastline to reach the Costa Brava. But before you reach Tossa de Mar, there's a lush garden to explore and plenty of fantastic beaches and viewpoints.
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The Breathtaking Coves of the Costa Brava
Day 2147 km1 km

The Breathtaking Coves of the Costa Brava

On day two of the journey, you'll start with a quick dip at the beach in Tossa de Mar before making your way further northeast to enjoy some spectacular beach coves along this rugged stretch of coast. Don't forget your bathing suit!
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