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To Vasiliy, Mark and Leo. Journey Beyond the Oka River

To Vasiliy, Mark and Leo. Journey Beyond the Oka River
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History and CultureGastronomy
You will need two hours (M2) to get to the manor of artist Vasily Polenov (Strakhovo village, Tula Region).
Why to go there? Firstly, the house of the artist and his irregular park are situated on the beautiful bank of the Oka river; the views alone are worth a trip. Secondly, almost nothing has changed in the house since the painter's death; the opportunity to go back in time is unique. Third, the Polenovo Museum has been under the direction of the Polenov family since its foundation, i.e. the house, the park and even the views are preserved as if no one left the estate after the Revolution; I do not know another place like this, perhaps.
Gastronomy: a couple of kilometers away from Polenovo, in Privolye, is the first real Locavore restaurant in the country, "Mark and Lev". All products are delivered to the restaurant's kitchen from nearby farms, and even the wine comes from the Tula winery of the most original Russian winemaker Sergey Palladichev.
Gennadiy Jozefavichus
Gennadiy Jozefavichus
  • Museum-reserve of artist Vasily Polenov.
  • Mark and Lion restaurant.
  • "Bolotov-Dacha.

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To Polenov's Abbey!
Day 1312 km

To Polenov's Abbey!

At the turn of the century artist Vasily Polenov based his own project on the Borok estate on the high bank of the Oka. Polenov jokingly called the central house (which does not resemble a typical lord's mansion) an "abbey". Today the estate is called Polenovo.
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