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Gennadiy Jozefavichus
Gennadiy Jozefavichus

About me

Travel journalist, columnist and presenter.
I was born (in 1967) and grew up in Kaliningrad, whence at the age of 17 I left (with a gold medal and second place in the hammer throw) for Moscow to enter the Faculty of Economics at the Moscow State University. Why was it an economics department? I do not know myself - it was a compromise between a quite rational way of thinking (I constantly won Olympiads in mathematics and physics) and humanitarian aspirations.
I got in. I studied for five years, then spent another three years in graduate school, but by the time the study was over (in 1992), the subject of research (Soviet planned economy) had passed away. So I switched to film (as a student I was president of the university film club): I worked in the directorate of the Moscow Film Festival, in a distribution office, wrote about film, organised screenings of Swiss cinema, was a press secretary (of Oliver Stone, for example) and travelled around festivals.
Around the same time, in 1994, I started publishing (with K. Ernst, R. Khasiev and A. Rodnyansky) the magazine Matador. He made big film premieres: "Dracula", "J.R.K.", "The Fifth Element", "Titanic", practically laying the foundation and traditions of premier show (with a red carpet and sponsors). He was noticed by Mikhalkov and invited to do the campaign and the world premiere of "The Barber of Siberia". Simultaneously did the launch of Russian Standard Vodka.
In February 1999, "The Barber" premiered in the Kremlin. After that I could not escape from N.Mikhalkov's embrace for another ten years: I did the opening and the closing of the Moscow Film Festival, the ceremony "Golden Eagle", organized the MIFF club and the Festival Youth Forum.
I have written a lot - from the end of the nineties I was a columnist for Harper's Bazaar, the author of Domovoy and Vogue. I have been a guest editor for the first issue of Tatler and a special correspondent for Condé Nast Traveller. For many years I have written the last page of Aeroflot Premium magazine. Author of the Moscow section of the Scandinavian gastronomic guide 12 Forward and Moscow correspondent for World of Mouth and Local Tongue.
He has written a couple of books - Afisha's guide to Milan and the travelogue Sakartvelo Gaumarjos about a trip to Georgia with the Totibadze brothers.
I continue to write about food and travel, am one of the 100 World Restaurant Award judges, I lecture, write scripts, lead workshops, cook, collect, host events and make things up. I am raising my daughter of 10 years. Or is she raising me?
Before the pandemic I spent no more than 50 days a year in Moscow, with quarantine I settled down and, though forced, but with pleasure, began to spend more time at home.

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