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Day 1180 km

Starocherkasskaya Stanitsa, a beacon from a film and an ancient city

In the morning, go to the fortress erected in 1731 by order of Empress Anna Ioanovna. It's a great place for walks and fantasies about what happened here several centuries ago. Further on, you'll visit the Yefremov Atamans' yard, where you'll learn how the family of one of the richest and most noble Cossacks lived in the Don. On your way to Taganrog, visit the ancient city and reach the lighthouse from the movie "The Lighthouse Keeper".

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40.3 km1 h 10 min
Krepost' Svyatoy Anny
09:151 h

Krepost' Svyatoy Anny

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In the morning, head towards Starocherkasskaya village to the fortress of St. Anna. The place is not only very picturesque, but also interesting.
The fortress was erected in 1731 by order of Empress Anna Ioannovna. During the war with Turkey it served as an outpost of Russian troops. After the appearance of the Dmitry Rostovsky Fortress, where Rostov-on-Don begins, the fortress of St. Anna lost its significance. But she found another interesting application - here created a unique set of scenery, where many historical films about the Don Cossacks were shot.
However, soon it was decided to transfer the scenery from the fortress of St. Anna to the ethnocomplex Kumzha.
Now you can examine in detail the fragments of the fortress that have been preserved. If you are a fan of unusual historical sites and you have a good imagination, then you will definitely like it!

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