Through the Museum of the Dead into the world of forgotten places from Novosibirsk. – Road.Travel

Through the Museum of the Dead into the world of forgotten places from Novosibirsk.

Road Trip Route. Museum of World Funeral Culture, Umrevinsky ostrog, Turnaevo. "Siberian Kizhi, Abandoned marble quarry in Peteni, Gold mining center in Egoryevskoye, Barsukovskaya cave, Mint in Suzun, Genghis, Abandoned marble quarry in Iskitim, .

A three-day trip through the ring of interesting places located between two rivers - Ob and Tom. You will see objects of Siberian wooden architecture, abandoned marble quarries, wintering bats, Siberian mint and abandoned sanatorium. And one of the overnight stays will be at a ski resort.

Unique Locations, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Novosibirsk

Pavel Ivshin. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Siberian Wooden Architecture

Today we plan to visit two locations, which can rightfully be considered the works of wooden architecture of Siberia: military and cultural. The day will end at the "Fir Ridge" skiing complex, where, despite the late hours, it will still be possible to ski, as the slopes there are illuminated.


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Музей мировой погребальной культуры

The only museum of this kind in Russia. It would seem that gloomy and unpleasant atmosphere should accompany, but the tour is very interesting and informative. Unusual beginning of the day is guaranteed. Weekend: Monday.

Umrevinsky ostrog

Ostrog, built by Russian Cossacks over 300 years ago. Of course, there were no buildings of those times left, but the place still remains special and very interesting from the historical point of view. It is considered a cultural monument of federal importance.

Cafe "Home"

Stop for lunch. The cafe is situated almost straight after driving back to the road R-255. Having lunch and regaining strength. On the menu soups, hot dishes, pastries. Home cooking.

Turnaevo. Siberian Kizhi

The main object of wooden architecture in Siberia. There are practically no such monuments survived to our days, so this temple is of great importance. The name "Siberian Kizhi" is attached to it among the people and it is not groundless.

Country club "Green House"

Rooms are better booked in advance. You can do it [here.]( The first day of three has come to an end. Good night. Breakfast next day will be at the hotel.

Day 2: Rocks, rocks and more rocks.

Today you will find interesting locations, in one way or another related to geology: a marble quarry, a gold dredge, a badger's cave. In the cave you can catch bats wintering throughout the winter period, which means that there will be dozens of them there!

Marble quarry in Peteni

Breakfast at our place of overnight stay (breakfasts are included) and off we go. Peteni is a real taiga dead end. About 100 people are registered here, and fewer still live there. There is a wooden suspension bridge across the Berj River connecting the two parts of the village. The place is unique. This small village holds an abandoned marble quarry, the red-listed plants of the spruce forest, and the Mochegi tract, the place where firing squads of Kolchak's army were executed.

Suenga Falls

Not far from the exit in the direction of Egorinsky, there is a bridge and a waterfall under it. It is partly artificial, partly natural. The waterfall is very noisy and spills during the flood.

Novosibirsk Region Gold Mining Centre

Even before the revolution, the Yegoryevsky mine began working here, large bars of which were presented to the Tsar himself. Now, there are four gold-mining enterprises operating on the Suenga River and its tributaries. Here you can see a walking excavator and a drag. There is also a monument to gold miners in the center of the village.

Café Burger

Stop for lunch. There are practically no cafes and restaurants here, but we won't stay hungry. The halfway point for today is almost complete. It is clear from the name of the café that they specialize more in fast food, but there is also the usual home-made food (soups and hot dishes).

Barsoukovskaya cave

A small but noteworthy cave on the river bank. Its peculiarity is that bats spend the winter here. It's better to have a rope to go down to the cave. You can reach the cave either from the road side or from the village.

Gazpromneft filling station #74

There's a gas station coming up. If you are tired, make a comfortable stop - come for a coffee!

Restaurant "Kustari"

A large and, if I may say so, classic menu for any restaurant. Baked fish, meat, soups, the whole range of side dishes, dessert.

Monument Coin

On the way to the hotel there is a monument to a coin. This is what the village is known for. Tomorrow day will start with a visit to the thematic museum.

Pyaterochka Supermarket.

The shop is open from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm. We buy here everything you need for breakfast. There is no breakfast in the hotel, but there is a kitchen where you can cook it yourself.

Hotel "Elegant Lux"

There are only two hotels in the village, this one has the best combination of price and quality. We stop and go to bed to rest. Tomorrow we will have the last day of the route. To make a reservation, please call +7 (913) 891 25 25.

Day 3: Ringing of coins

The day will begin with a visit to the Suzun Mint, the only place in Siberia where coins were officially minted. Closer to the end of the day there is an abandoned marble quarry.

The Susun Factory. Mint

Museum at the Mint. Once it was the only place where it was officially allowed to mint coins in Russian Siberia. Be sure to take a guide. The cost of his services is symbolic, but the result of his work surpasses all expectations.

The Church of Peter and Paul

Go to the village Chingis, which is partially located on the island. Chingis was one of the first settlements on the territory of modern Novosibirsk region. There is a white-stone temple on the island, which is the main attraction of the village, and not far from the ferry crossing there is a mysterious stone stove over 100 years old.

Café "Selena"

A stop for lunch in Iskitim. Locals recommend this particular café for its simple but tasty dishes. The menu includes cutlets, sausages, wieners, chicken and meat chops with any side dish you choose, soups, desserts. Gaining strength, there are two more sites ahead. And both are abandoned.

Marble quarry in Iskitim

Second abandoned marble quarry. Not as authentic as in Peteni, but there is still a place to crawl and take pictures. There are many abandoned buildings and businesses in Ikitim as a whole, right in the middle, but many of them are behind fences and some are under guard.

Mongolian and Buryat cuisine "Khan Buz" cafe

If you don't distinguish manty, boza and posi (these are the dishes on the menu) from each other, you should prepare yourself. Not far from Novosibirsk there is an authentic restaurant of Mongolian and Buryat cuisine.