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The Penedès Wine Region

The Penedès Wine Region
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This tour will take in Catalonia's most famous wine region, Penedès, with plenty of stops at cellar doors for a taste of the delicious wines on offer. With the famed Montserrat mountains in the distance, you'll slowly explore this scenic slice of countryside, with picturesque towns dotted between the vast rolling hills of grapevines.
Between the stops at wineries, you'll also explore a different part of the region's history by stopping at the castles and monasteries of the area, and also enjoy some much-needed breaks to simply appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. You're almost guaranteed to come back with a trunk full of wines and Cavas, gourmet souvenirs from this tranquil part of Catalonia.
James Taylor
James Taylor
Travel Expert
  • Learn about the winemaking tradition and history of the Penedès region.
  • Stroll through the grapevines while sipping on a glass of Cava, the Spanish version of Champagne.
  • Admire the historic castles and monasteries dotted throughout the landscape.

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Travel Itinerary

An Introduction to Catalonia's Famous Wine Region
Day 184 km24 m

An Introduction to Catalonia's Famous Wine Region

On the first day of this itinerary, you'll drive northwest out of Barcelona towards the famed Penedès Wine Region. Along the way, there are some impressive castles to admire, and gorgeous views of the easily recognizable Montserrat. Then, the wineries, where you'll get to taste some of the best reds, whites, and Cavas in this corner of Spain.
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The Wine and Cava of Penedès
Day 2124 km

The Wine and Cava of Penedès

On the second day of this itinerary, you'll begin the slow drive back to Barcelona - but not before stopping at a few more wineries, picking up some souvenirs for home and enjoying a gourmet picnic among the vines. Then, the scenic route back into the city, making a few stops in the Ordal Mountains before ducking down to the coast for a fun dinner at a beachfront restaurant in Castelldefels.
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