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The natural charm of the Krasnodar Region

Road Trip Route. Caucasian reserve, Rosa Khutor Health Path, Lookout platform Rosa Peak, Khmellyovsky lakes, Complex "Rybino", Çvijepse Mineral Source, Dzykhryn gorge.

Krasnaya Polyana is a unique place in the Krasnodar region, whose nature we will get acquainted with on this trip. We will visit the Caucasian reserve, go on an exciting hike along the Rosa Khutor health trail, enjoy the beauty of the mountains from a height of 2320 m and have a picnic near the Khmelievsky lakes. And on the way back we will be able to fish and enjoy delicious fish, taste the healing water from the Chvijepse mineral spring and explore the trails of the Dzyhry gorge. The nature of these places will surely fascinate you!

Uninhabited Nature. From: Sochi

Ann Mikhaylova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Natural attractions of Krasnaya Polyana

Today we will start our acquaintance with the nature of Krasnaya Polyana: we will visit the Caucasian reserve, take a walk along the Rosa Khutor health path and, of course, visit the main attraction of the city - Rosa Peak observation deck.

Кавказский заповедник

First of all we will go to the Caucasian reserve, which was established in 1924. Today more than 4 thousand animals live in the territory of the reserve and are taken care of by a team of highly qualified employees. And 16 ecological trails for guests of the reserve are laid all around the perimeter of the territory! In addition to the diversity of fauna, there is also an amazing beauty of nature: karst caves, rivers and lakes, waterfalls and mountains, the height of which reaches 3 thousand meters!

Ресторан «Шале»

For lunch we will go to the restaurant "Chalets", where dishes of Russian and European cuisine are served. Here, located on the summer veranda, you can taste not only classic traditional dishes, but also real culinary delights!

Тропа здоровья Роза Хутор

Next, we're gonna hike the Rosa Khutor Health Trail. It is convenient that the route can be chosen by the level of difficulty: easy (310 m, 15 min.), medium (1600 m, 1.5 h.) and complex (2000 m, 2 h.). We're gonna take the medium difficulty trail. We will encounter small differences in altitude and a few obstacles on the way, but it will certainly not require much effort from you. But what is certain is that you will be able to see the impossible beauty of views: mountain ranges, springs with the purest water, river valley and waterfalls.

Rosa Peak (Роза Пик)

The next place we will visit is the Rosa Peak viewing platform at an altitude of 2320 meters, on the top of the Aibga mountain range. It is important to remember that in the mountains the weather changes lightning fast, so do not forget to bring warm things! We're gonna be on the funiculars to make the ascent. On the way to the top there will be several stops, where you can enjoy the beauty of the view and take a photo as a memory. When you reach the peak, you will finally see a viewing platform with unforgettable views of the mountain peaks and the nearby meadows covered with many flowers. There is also a "Vysota" restaurant on the top, where you can warm up with hot tea. And if you are a lover of heights and extremes, you can take a ride on a paraglider with an instructor or walk on a wooden suspension bridge over a deep abyss!

Мясной Дом

Back from the mountain walk, we will have dinner in the restaurant "Meat House", where you can taste huge burgers, fragrant ribs and grilled steaks. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city, and in the evenings visitors are delighted with live music.

Day 2: Acquaintance with the natural surroundings of Adler

Today we will have a picnic on Khmelskie lakes, go fishing in the territory of the eco-settlement "Rybino", try healing water from the mineral spring Chvijepse, as well as visit the Dzykhry gorge.

Ешь Хорошо

Next day of the trip we'll start with "Eat well" restaurant. It is a cozy and atmospheric place where the combination of tasty dishes, modern design and constant hospitality attracts everyone who has been here at least once. And the menu will surprise you with a great variety of dishes of Russian and European cuisine.

Хмелёвские Озера

Then we'll go to Khmelevsky lakes - one of the most picturesque sights of Krasnaya Polyana. More than 14000 years ago these lakes appeared as a result of the strongest earthquake, and today it is the best place for a family picnic. Not far from the lake there are green meadows with rare plants of incredible beauty, virgin forest and many berry bushes. Here you can enjoy the mountain air, beauty and harmony of the landscape, as well as recharge this atmosphere of natural serenity.

Рыбино Русский Двор

The "Rybino" complex is the next place we will visit. It is a real eco-settlement, where you can eat and have a good rest in nature. The main attraction of the complex is the lake, where there are many species of fish that live only in mountain waters. You can fish here, and later the cook will cook the fish you caught according to ancient Russian traditions. You can stay in a separate summer gazebo or on the terrace overlooking the mountains! There is also an animal corner, a cozy bar with a fireplace, and if you like active games, you can play volleyball, badminton and table tennis here. There are also sun loungers and hammocks on site, where you can relax for a while. It is best to book a visit in advance, you can do it on the [complex website](

Минеральный источник Чвижепсе

In the afternoon, we will stop by to pick up healing water from the Cvijepse mineral spring. The useful properties of this water can be enumerated endlessly: it gives a boost of vivacity, contains a lot of illnesses and helps with gastrointestinal diseases. However, you can't drink a lot of mineral water, as it has a specific flavour. According to many, the beneficial properties of this water are even overshadowed by the mineral springs of many countries! Not far from the spring there is a small market where you can buy healing cosmetics, local products and souvenirs.

Смотровая площадка

On the way back we will visit the observation deck, which offers a fascinating view of the Caucasus Mountains!

Дзыхринское Ущелье

The next point of our route will be the Dzykhry gorge, which once appeared thanks to the Mzymta River, which has been eroding soft rocks for several millennia. Be sure to bring comfortable sports shoes, a warm blouse, water and some food, because you will not meet on the way to the shops. The route itself is quite simple even for unprepared people, but it is extremely picturesque: mountain rivers, waterfalls, diverse vegetation of the gorge and clear lakes and canyons.

Кафе Гнездо Совы

And at the end of the day, we're going to dinner at the Middle East Nest Owl Nest. Here you can taste juicy meat shashlik cooked according to all the rules of Caucasian cuisine, salad with fresh vegetables, hot snacks and delicious wine! There is also a small zoo, a pergola in the open air, and the restaurant has an incredible view of the Mzymta River.