Enjoy the beauty of ancient nature in a yew-yewshed grove.. Visit Dry and Wet Canyon on the River Psakho.. Walk over one of the longest suspension bridges in the world at Sky Bridge Park..

The Heart of Cossack Ford

The diversity of nature in the south of the Krasnodar region is surprising. We are heading for the foot of the Caucasian reserve. Our journey begins with climbing the mountain Akhun, on the way to the Cossack Brod. Already from Cossack Ford we return to Sochi, visiting stormy rivers, majestic mountains and untouched forests.

The Heart of Cossack Ford

2 days itinerary by Polina Zagoryanskaya - Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure

Day 1: Nature on its way to the Cossack Ford.

The first part of our journey will take place along the Black Sea coast. On the way to Kazachy ford we will climb the mountain Akhun, walk in a yew-yews grove and see the flora and fauna of the park "Southern Culture".
Visiting: Sochi, Kazachiy Brod, Khosta

Day 2: Walks at the foot of the Caucasian Reserve

The second part of our journey will be final. Returning to Sochi, we will have a bird's-eye view of the Sky Bridge Park, enjoy the silence in Psakho canyon and walk along Nawalishinskiy gorge.
Visiting: Sochi, Kazachiy Brod