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Spirit of the Middle Ages in the North of the Leningrad Region

Spirit of the Middle Ages in the North of the Leningrad Region
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


2 Days


By Car


469 km






History and Culture
This trip is suitable for those who want to immerse themselves in history and feel the spirit of the Middle Ages. During the trip you will learn everything about the fortress Korela, visit the medieval town Vyborg, where many unique historical and architectural monuments have been preserved: Vyborg Castle, the oldest residential building of the XV century, the City Hall building, the Clock Tower, the burger manor, the ruins of the Old Cathedral, the market building and the Round Tower, visit Lutheran churches built in the style of Finnish national romanticism, and visit the church, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the only church in the world, built on a very small rocky island.
An intense and informative journey awaits you!
Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!
Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Corela Fortress Museum.
  • The Church of St. Andrew on Vuoks.
  • Lutheran Kirch.
  • Market square and ancient streets of Vyborg.
  • Burger Manor.
  • Vyborg Castle.
  • The ruins of the Old Cathedral.
  • Museum of Local Lore in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene.
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Travel Itinerary

Corela Fortress, Church of St. Andrew, Kirch.
Day 1289 km

Corela Fortress, Church of St. Andrew, Kirch.

On the first day of the trip we will visit the fortress in Priozersk, then we will go to the church built on a tiny island and listed in the Guinness Book of Records, and after that we will visit a Lutheran church and go to Vyborg.
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Sights of Vyborg, Kirch
Day 2180 km3 km

Sights of Vyborg, Kirch

The second day will begin with a walk around the city, then you'll see the burger manor house and Vyborg Castle, walk through the ruins of the cathedral, and after that you'll visit the Primorsky Local History Museum in Kirch. Your journey will end with dinner at an Asian restaurant in St. Petersburg.
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