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Sochi - Krasnodar: via Adygea

Road Trip Route. Tea plantations, Serpentine mountains, All the flavours of local cuisine, .

This summer I am going to take a trip to the Krasnodar Region and invite adventurers like me to come along. The plan is to drive from Sochi to Krasnodar, to admire the natural treasures and discover new shades of local cuisine, to walk around Tuapse, Maikop and Krasnodar, and to share my impressions with you. **Reserve hotels along the route with up to 10% cashback**

History and Culture, Uninhabited Nature. From: Sochi

Gennadiy Jozefavichus. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: On your way.

Follow towards Tuapse, on your way you will stop at local natural beauties.

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Muzhskoy Monastyr' Krestovaya Pustyn'

First stop is a picturesque monastery in the mountains.

Muzey I. A. Koshmana

The house-museum of Russian tea-growing pioneer Judah Koshman and a historical tea plantation. It is possible to visit daily. Contacts for booking tours and tasting local tea with pancakes can be found at [website](

View point

An observation deck overlooking the Shahe River.

Solokhaul Park. Eko Park "Zelenaya Polyana"

In the eco-park you can fly in a balloon, paraglide, ziplane or even shoot an arrow. If outdoor activities are not to your liking, just enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can book a flight at [website](

Volkonsky dolmen

It is said that Princess Volkonskaya loved to walk in this place, in whose honor the dolmen is named. The area is indeed incredibly beautiful: the ancient megalith and rocks are overgrown with moss, and the roots of trees growing on the slope are woven into intricate patterns.

Городской Парк

A suitable place for an evening promenade and a leisurely rest. Flowers, the smell of conifers, a nice fountain - a classic spa park.

Tuapsinskaya Naberezhnaya

Time to park the car and head down to the sea.

Ресторан "Sorrento" гостиничный комплекс "Heliopark Nebug"

At the end of the day, dinner at the Sorrento Restaurant. An a la carte menu, Italian cuisine and panoramic sea views will make the evening even better.

Day 2: Mountain serpentines

The day will start with a walk at Kiseleva rock, after that you'll make a trip to Maikop along the scenic serpentine mountains.

Kiselev Rock

And here is the most beautiful place in the Tuapse vicinity. A steep rock, which painter Alexander Kiselev repeatedly depicted in his paintings. The cliff bears his name today. If this place looks vaguely familiar to you, then you've probably seen it on the screen more than once. The fishing scene in the film "The Diamond Arm" was filmed here.

Fast Food Cafe Yesh

Invigorating coffee, short snack, and we can continue moving towards Maikop.

Картинная Галерея

Let's go to the art gallery to get acquainted with the works of local artists.

Art Salon

The art shop next to the gallery offers souvenirs to suit all tastes. The shop closes at 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays, so it's worth popping in for a gift before your visit to the museum.

Соборная Мечеть

On Druzhba Square rises the Cathedral Mosque, the main attraction of Maikop. It was built quite recently: in the early 2000s.

Panesh BeerHouse

The basement of the brewery now houses a restaurant where you can not only indulge in a juicy steak or a large seafood set, but also watch the craft beer being made behind a glass wall.

Day 3: Culinary traditions of Maikop and the road to Krasnodar

Buy authentic Adygei cheese and try local khinkali, and the evening will be spent already in Krasnodar.

Severo-Kavkazskiy Filial Gosudarstvennogo Muzeya Iskusstva Narodov Vostoka

Start your day with a tour of the exposition of the North Caucasus Museum of the Oriental People. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday.

Central market

Now let's go to the market for Adygean cheese and spicy salt.

Lenin Square

Let's move towards the hotel, walk around the town square and look at the Lenin monument.

Khinkal'naya 01

And the most delicious and juicy khinkali are served in the cafe "Khinkalnaya №1".

Gastrobar Ochered'

We are already familiar with traditional local cuisine, it's time to go for new gastronomic discoveries. The dinner will be held at the Gastrobar "The Queue" - it's the third author's project of chef Arkady Matyukh in Krasnodar.

Taman Chateau

Kuban wine shop with bar and tasting room.

Театральная площадь

Feel like taking a little walk after dinner? In that case, you can walk to the Krasnodar Drama Theatre building. On the square in front of the theater there is a whole complex of fountains with colorful illumination.

Day 4: A day in Krasnodar

This day will do without a long transfer. But you'll have time to get acquainted with Krasnodar, its streets, monuments, museums, and, of course, worthy restaurants.

Художественный музей им. Ф.А. Коваленко

We start the day with a tour of the art museum's collection. Please note, Monday is a day off.

Парк «Краснодар»

The most beautiful and modern park in Krasnodar and a favourite resting place for citizens and tourists.

Кафе «Краснодар»

The Park Café is worth a visit, if only for its original interior.


Brutal meat restaurant by chef Tahir Kholikberdiev with a full-circle meat cooking concept. The meat comes to the restaurant in carcasses and is kept in the ripening chamber. And you can watch how the steaks are cooked through the glass of the open kitchen.

Краснодарский Государственный историко-археологический музей-заповедник им. Е.Д. Фелицына

Let's continue our acquaintance with the cultural life of Krasnodar in the museum-reserve named after E.D. Felitsyn. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.


The main feature of the restaurant is a coal stove, where dishes are evenly baked and gain piquant aroma.

Krasnodar Marriott Hotel

Digestif on the terrace of the Marriott Hotel.