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Sochi - Krasnodar: via Adygea

Sochi - Krasnodar: via Adygea
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4 Days


By Car


559 km






History and CultureSights in Nature
This summer I am going to take a trip to the Krasnodar Region and invite adventurers like me to come along. The plan is to drive from Sochi to Krasnodar, to admire the natural treasures and discover new shades of local cuisine, to walk around Tuapse, Maikop and Krasnodar, and to share my impressions with you.
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Gennadiy Jozefavichus
Gennadiy Jozefavichus
  • Tea plantations.
  • Serpentine mountains.
  • All the flavours of local cuisine.

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Travel Itinerary

On your way.
Day 1232 km828 m

On your way.

Follow towards Tuapse, on your way you will stop at local natural beauties.
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Mountain serpentines
Day 2165 km594 m

Mountain serpentines

The day will start with a walk at Kiseleva rock, after that you'll make a trip to Maikop along the scenic serpentine mountains.
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Culinary traditions of Maikop and the road to Krasnodar
Day 3135 km3 km

Culinary traditions of Maikop and the road to Krasnodar

Buy authentic Adygei cheese and try local khinkali, and the evening will be spent already in Krasnodar.
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A day in Krasnodar
Day 427 km140 m

A day in Krasnodar

This day will do without a long transfer. But you'll have time to get acquainted with Krasnodar, its streets, monuments, museums, and, of course, worthy restaurants.
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