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Day 3351 km

Art Museum at the Old Fish Factory, Hanhui Lake and Stone Garden

After the walk along the picturesque Nyurgan cape, get ready for the return trip. On your way to Irkutsk, visit art-museum in Khuzhir port, have a swim in the warm Hanhoi lake and admire the rock garden.

Day Itinerary

19.6 km40 min
Cape Nyurgan
09:501 h 30 min

Cape Nyurgan

Nature Preserve
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Meeting the morning in the middle of a vast field with Baikal blue in the distance is priceless. Head out to explore Cape Nyurgan and the surrounding beauty. Cinematic landscapes, silence and the opportunity to feel the power of nature await you again.
19.5 km40 min
Huzhir port
12:0045 min

Huzhir port

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The main attraction on Olkhon, of course, is nature, which does not lose its colors in any season. However, there is something on the island for art connoisseurs as well. Near the Huzhir port, at the old fish factory, a collection of rusty ships has turned into a real art-space. And all this thanks to the Irkutsk artist Stepan Shobolov, who has given half-ruined barges a second life. There is a "space" ship, and many-meter-long fish skeletons, and funny comics. It turned out cool and unusual.

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