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Shaman's Tale: A Three-Day Journey to the Mysterious Olkhon Island

Shaman's Tale: A Three-Day Journey to the Mysterious Olkhon Island
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3 Days


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717 km






Sights in Nature
Irkutsk - Ust-Ordynsk - Khuzhir - Peschanoe-Halgai - Irkutsk. The deepest lake on the planet is also considered a place of power. And the most magical place of Lake Baikal, of course, is Olkhon Island. Many travelers experience unusual sensations here. But even if you are far from esotericism, it is worth going to Olkhon for the sake of incredible landscapes and unity with nature. This is the best place for a digital detox, and also for gastronomic adventures: sagudai, smoked omul and Buryat soup buchler are waiting for you!
Route features:
  • Minimum service, maximum adventure and beautiful views;
  • Overnight at the recreation center and in glamping;
  • Moving by ferry (queues are possible!);
  • Visit to the national park (it is necessary to issue a permit in advance - in the office or remotely).

Recommendations: — It is better to go on a trip by car with a high clearance: there are no paved roads on Olkhon. For trips to the north of the island, you will need an SUV with all-wheel drive.
  • Fill up a full tank before the ferry crossing: there are no gas stations on the island.
  • Take care of the navigation system (offline maps).
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, swimsuit.
  • Take plenty of warm and waterproof clothes, even if you are traveling in hot weather.
  • Prepare a healthy snack for the road, there are long journeys ahead.
Marina Selivanova
Marina Selivanova
  • Sit on the Shamanka rock and conquer Khoboy cape.
  • Make a wish on the Cape of Love.
  • To visit the port that has become an art space.
  • Taste Buryat delicacies.
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Travel Itinerary

On the way to Olkhon
Day 1302 km2 km

On the way to Olkhon

The way to Olkhon is not a long one, but not boring at all. Rite poles, Buddhist monasteries, unusual monuments - and all this against the background of incredible scenery. You will need to take a ferry to the island. Here your acquaintance with the legendary Olhon begins.
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Shamanka Rock, Saraisky Beach and Khoboi Cape
Day 264 km613 m

Shamanka Rock, Saraisky Beach and Khoboi Cape

In the first half of the day, explore the famous Shamanka Rock and relax on the beach before heading off to conquer the island's northernmost point. The way to Khoboy cape is complicated, that's why many people prefer to buy an excursion by UAZ "bukhanka" or by boat. But with the proper training and "right" car you can also master such roads!
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Art Museum at the Old Fish Factory, Hanhui Lake and Stone Garden
Day 3351 km

Art Museum at the Old Fish Factory, Hanhui Lake and Stone Garden

After the walk along the picturesque Nyurgan cape, get ready for the return trip. On your way to Irkutsk, visit art-museum in Khuzhir port, have a swim in the warm Hanhoi lake and admire the rock garden.
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