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Russian tea drinking with sweets

Road Trip Route. Visit an ice cream factory, Make your own jewelry, Visit the Cockerels, Take a culinary master class at Bogdarna., Make your own gingerbread, Shop for sweet souvenirs at the Chocolate Museum.

This trip is suitable for the most real sweet tooth and lovers of Russian delicacies. You will not only see the process of production of all favorite delicacies, but also take part in their creation and, of course, taste. Be sure to buy as many souvenirs for your loved ones and friends as possible. And also you are waited by excursion on jeweller manufacture of Pokrovsky factory and visit of small town Petushki. We promise that this trip will surprise you exactly. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Soviet formulation

This day will start with the "taste from childhood", because you will visit the legendary production of the Bogorodskiy Khladokombinat, which carefully preserves the Soviet traditions of ice cream production. Get ready for a lot of tasting. Then you will visit the jewelry production of the famous brand "Pokrovsky", be sure to make your jewelry as a keepsake! The rest of the day will be dedicated to the small town of Petushki and its sights.


Bogorodsky Khladokombinat

Since 1956 the whole recipe for Soviet ice cream production has been kept here. You will see all the processes of producing your favorite delicacy, learn the secrets of the classic recipe and what a huge refrigerator with a temperature of minus 30 degrees where the ice cream is stored. And the masters of confectionery will create sweet masterpieces before your eyes. Attendance is available Monday to Saturday. It is obligatory to make an appointment for the excursion, we recommend to contact in advance by the contacts indicated on the official [site](контакты.html).

Красна изба

For centuries, the phrase "Red Hut" meant coziness and home. It's what awaits you here with delicious homemade dishes. Bon appetit!

Jewelry Factory POKROVSKY

Have you always dreamt of finding out how jewelry is made, and maybe even try yourself as a real jeweler? Then you will definitely like a tour to the jewelry factory "Pokrovsky". Here you can not only observe how the shapeless blanks make real masterpieces, but also try to make a fancy piece of jewelry yourself under the guidance of an experienced master. To visit the excursion or master class a preliminary [entry] is required (

Водонапорная башня Шухова

This is one of 8 surviving water tower structures erected to the project of V.G. Shukhov, was built in 1927. The main purpose of the tower was to refuel steam locomotives with water during the years when Petushki was a major hub. Until the early 2000s the tower survived only partially: the wooden structures of the structure rotted, and the bridges were sagged and partly collapsed. But even now, almost a century later, the structure looks quite futuristic.

Успенская Церковь В Петушках

The church, which has survived to this day, began to be built in 1904 by order of Moscow industrialist and entrepreneur Ivan Pavlovich Kuznetsov. Previously, on the same place were wooden temples, one of which, according to local chronicles, was destroyed during the invasion of Batya, the other - severely damaged in the Time of Troubles. And the new Assumption Church was able to experience many tragic moments in Russian and Soviet history. The church was not closed in Soviet times, although some decoration and several bells were lost. Today, the interiors of the temple with elegant wall paintings and carved oak iconostasis are of particular interest.

Restaurant Prague

We offer dinner in a restaurant of Western European cuisine with a part of Czech atmosphere. Live music, including jazz, is played here on weekends. The menu is quite varied. Pay attention to the duck breast in berry sauce: visitors highly recommend this dish.

Day 2: Russian folk sweets

Today will be too sweet! After all, you will visit the factory of Pokrovskie gingerbread, where you will not only have a tour, but also a master class on their preparation with tea drinking. Be sure to take a unloading walk in Noginsk arboretum and finish this day with a delicious dinner in an atmospheric wine bar.

AGK Bogdarnya

Start this beautiful morning with any of the activities that this friendly centre of the famous English farmer John Kopinski offers. Here you can order a master class in baking, cheese, painting matryoshkas or even making steak. In addition, you can rent sports equipment (badminton, cross-country skis, ice skates, rods). The complex has its own farm, where you can buy dairy products of its own production. Services can be booked in advance by calling the number indicated on the official [site](

Confectionery factory "Pokrovsky Gingerbread"

Welcome to the gingerbread world! Learn the secrets of production and be sure to taste a sweet delicacy. And, of course, don't miss the chance to come home with delicious souvenirs by painting the gingerbread at the master class yourself. The confectionery factory receives guests daily. We recommend to arrange the excursion in advance by phone indicated on the official [site](http://покровскийпряник.рф/index.php?aux_pages=18).

Покровский мельник

A man isn't a carrot-eater alone! It's time for a full lunch. Be sure to try traditional cuisine in the cafe "Pokrovsky mill". Here they serve amazing borscht and wonderful pastries. And very nice landscaped area around the cafe with a base carriage and a wooden mill is a great location for a photo.

Chocolate Museum (Музей Шоколада)

The Chocolate Museum was opened at the Pokrovsky Museum of Local Lore. Here you can learn interesting facts about the history of origin and production of all favorite sweets and buy chocolate figurines as a gift to your loved ones.

Памятник Шоколаду

Not far from the Chocolate Museum there is a monument to the Chocolate Fairy. They say that if you pet a chocolate bar, you will get a cherished wish.

Volkhonka Dendrological Park

It is a unique park, where the whole area is planted with rare overseas plants. Here you can see about 120 species of trees, which are atypical for the area. In the park you can stroll along the small, well-groomed paths, enjoy the peace and quiet, explore the ruins of the manor and get to know the unusual trees.

Restaurant 5642 Height

So, your unforgettable journey has come to an end. You can have the final dinner at the restaurant with a beautiful panoramic view. Beautiful interiors, a varied menu is what you need when you return from such a rich gastronomic journey. **Pay your bill at restaurants of Novikov Group with exclusive discount of 10%. Warn the waiter that you are the holder of the World Elite Mastercard® before receiving the invoice and pay with the World Elite Mastercard® bank card. [Full promotion terms](**