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Route Overview
Day 3149 km

Trampolines, creative laboratory, ski resort and thermal complex

The third day you will start with trampolines in the park "Extreme" and useful lessons in the laboratory "Genesis", and in the afternoon you will go to conquer the slopes of the ski resort "Volen". You can finish your day at the luxurious Sunny Park Hotel, which is famous for its thermal spa complex.

Day Itinerary

267 m5 min
Extreme Sports and Entertainment Park
10:001 h

Extreme Sports and Entertainment Park

General Entertainment
Open Details
Extreme Sports and Entertainment Park is a 4000 square meter developing game center. At the moment only sports trampolines and a foam pit are available here.
The park is open daily from 10.00 to 22.00, details can be found in group.
1.1 km5 min
Creative laboratory "GENESIS"
11:101 h 30 min

Creative laboratory "GENESIS"

Public Art
Open Details
After active games, it is time to calm down and do useful work in the creative laboratory "Genesis". Here you can learn 3D-modelling and robotics, try carpentry and woodworking - there are many options.
On weekends the laboratory offers scheduled master classes, but you can sign up for an individual lesson through group or site.

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