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Prussian gastronomic traditions

Road Trip Route. Try a beer at the brewery, Buy own made cheese from local cheese dairy, Explore the Kirch and Fort.

This trip will be delicious and impressive! After all it is devoted to gastronomic traditions of the Baltic coast and Kaliningrad region. You will plunge into the history of Prussian cuisine and visit small lands specializing in fresh fish, cheese production and beer making. All these delights will be accompanied by interesting sights with centuries of history. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

Families with Kids, Gastronomy. From: Kaliningrad

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Natural Beauties of the Curonian Spit

This day is designed for those who want to see the Curonian Spit from different angles: not only to enjoy the grandiose views, but also to discover the national cuisine of East Prussia. You will drive through the most beautiful places of the spit, enjoy the noise of the Baltic Sea and the calmness of the bay, learn the history of Prussian cuisine and its ancient recipes in Zelenograd and Svetlogorsk. Be sure to try one of Koenigsberg's gastronomic business cards - fish stroganin.


Церковь св. Пантелеймона Целителя

The holy place, which is located in the heart of the picturesque Curonian Kosa. Take a walk around the surroundings, take a picture on the sand dunes and admire the beauty of this unique place.


Stop at a deserted beach and swim in the waters of the Baltic Sea if the water does not seem too cold.

Park House

This restaurant will surprise you with its modern design and antique dishes in an unusual performance. Be sure to try the fish dishes of fresh catch.


Take a walk along the central promenade and take some cool memorabilia photos.

Городская Площадь

In the city square you have a great opportunity to visit local shops, buy souvenirs and taste traditional snacks.

Старая площадь

The Old Square of Svetlogorsk is a business card of the city with fanciful houses and other ancient structures. Be sure to take some photos as a memory and buy souvenirs.

Дом Рыбака

One of the most famous restaurants in town. Here you will find the best sea view and delicious seafood. It's time for a delicious fish dinner after such a busy day.

Day 2: Cheese factory and brewery

Today you will go to the east of the region, where you will find out who invented the well-known Tilsiter cheese, what old traditions brewing in this area has and what a traditional farm in East Prussia looked like. You will take a walk around the Ragnit Castle, which used to be one of the largest in Eastern Prussia.

Georgenburg (замок Георгенбург)

This famous castle began its existence in the XIV century. Its territories were raided for centuries, but it still retains its strong and inviolable foundation.

Ragnit Castle (Замок Рагнит)

This majestic castle of the Teutonic Order is located right in the center of Neman. Today, only ruins are left of this unique medieval monument, which you can explore. Do not forget your comfortable shoes.

Restaurant and hotel complex Deutsches Haus

This establishment operates in Neman at the craft brewery of the same name. In addition to homemade sausages, there are several types of artisan cheese on the menu. The latter can be tasted, as they say, in its "pure form", or baked with garlic and rosemary, deep-fried, or simply as a melted pizza topping. You will also be given a tour of the cheese shop. Here you can buy 8 types of cheese. It's worth arranging a tour in advance, you can do so by calling or via the social media channels listed on the official [website](

Мост Королевы Луизы

One of the most interesting and beautiful border crossings of our country. This bridge was built on the site of the Tilsitsky Peace Prison in 1807 between the Russian Emperor Alexander I and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Mehlauken/Liebenfelde (кирха Меляукен)

It's a kirkha with a tall red brick bell tower. Its architecture is quite unusual for our places, because it was built in the middle of the XIX century, when the architectural fashion was dominated by the style of "romantic historicism".


We offer dinner at the FishDorf Holiday Camp, fish and other grilled dishes at the local restaurant make great! After dinner there is a wood-fired sauna and spa, and if you are travelling with children, they will love the playground and wooden swing. It is recommended to book a table in a restaurant and also to visit the bath complex in advance, the phone number is specified on [site](

Day 3: Continuing to explore the Prussian lands

The final day of the trip will be just as interesting. You will see the two oldest Catholic churches, explore the famous Fort 11 and even have time to drive to Castle Valdau. Enjoy the trip and don't forget to take beautiful pictures to have something to remember!


How do you feel about being a real fisherman? With Fish Dorf you'll be sure to catch big fish even if you're holding the fishing rod for the first time. You can also rent it here, by the way.


It's time to have a little rest and try the dishes of Prussian or Russian cuisine. Here you can even order game dishes. Bon appetit!

Замок Вальдау

Castle Valdau was founded by the Teutonic Order and two centuries after its founding lost its defensive value and was used as a summer residence of the Grand Master. Today there is a museum in the western wing, which has unique expositions reflecting the spirit of knightly times.

Форт #11 Фридрих фон Дёнхофф

It is the only one of Koenigsberg Forts that has survived almost in its original form. There is a small but very interesting museum with antiques on the territory.

Brandenburg (замок Бранденбург)

Before returning to Kaliningrad we will visit another historical place - Brandenburg Castle. Walk among the massive moss ruins and imagine that in the Middle Ages this place flourished Teutonic castle, built in the Gothic style, next to which was an important port and a large settlement of traders and fishermen.

Radisson Blu

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