You will visit the two Portuguese capitals, past and present. . Compare their architecture and location . Climb to the observation platforms of ancient temples. . Drive over the openwork bridge. . Looking into the excavations . You'll have lunch in Coimbra. . Enjoy the wonderful Portuguese cuisine. . Visit the art museums . Learn how to make a unique azulejo tile . Experience the luxury of the decoration of ancient churches. . You'll feel the ocean blowing and the thirst for discovery..

Porto and Lisbon: the former capital and present capital of Portugal

Portugal is a country for those who love a measured and leisurely lifestyle. For those who appreciate tradition and are not stingy with comfort. The two main Portuguese cities of Porto and Lisbon deserve special attention. Despite the devastating earthquake of the 18th century, Lisbon, as the current capital of the country, can still surprise with its architectural monuments, which remind of the most interesting past of the city. Porto, the former capital, is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Porto is said to be a separate cultural stronghold of Portugal with its rich history and diverse architecture. The first step in getting to know Portugal is to start with these two cities, which play a huge role in the cultural heritage of the Portuguese.

Porto and Lisbon: the former capital and present capital of Portugal

7 days itinerary by Nataliya Kharlanova - History and Culture - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Acquaintance with Lisbon

Tonight you will have a short walk and a delicious dinner.
Visiting: Lisbon

Day 2: The charm of Lisbon

Today you will discover Lisbon's architectural monuments and modern sculptures. In the morning, visit the Castle of St. George, the Monastery of Jerónimos, see the Monument of the Discoverers and Cristos Rey, touch the grey antiquities in the Torri di Belém Tower and the squares of Rossio and Prada do Comércio.
Visiting: Lisbon, Almada

Day 3: Amazing discoveries of the ancient Porto

A trip to Porto awaits you today, with a stopover in the ancient Roman settlement. In Porto, visit the Museum of Art, the famous tall tower with an observation deck and walk around Freedom Square.
Visiting: Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Condeixa-a-Nova

Day 4: Treasures of Porto

Today you'll find the treasures of Porto: you'll see the museum complex at the Bolsa Palace, the sumptuous decoration of St. Francis Church, see the city from the heights of the Cathedral of Sé, drive over the bridge of King Don Luis I and walk along the ocean at the mouth of the river.
Visiting: Porto

Day 5: Return to Lisbon

Today you are leaving the ancient Porto, lastly visiting the beautiful botanical garden and heading towards Lisbon. On the way you'll have a delicious lunch, and on arrival in Lisbon you'll find the Azulejo Museum, a stroll through Independence Square and a dinner in a café you like.
Visiting: Porto, Lisbon, Leiria

Day 6: The charm of Lisbon architecture

Today you will have a rich palette of visits: you will visit the Lisbon Pantheon, visit the Church of St. Anthony, see the Lisbon Cathedral, visit Piazza Figueira, take the elevator to Santa Justica and walk along Boulevard of Liberty.
Visiting: Lisbon

Day 7: Farewell to capitals

Already used to the Portuguese pace of life, the delightful old days around and the wonderful breakfasts!
Visiting: Lisbon