You will visit the beautiful island of Zakynthos.. Spend the whole day traveling, swimming on different beaches.. You can drive around the island wherever you want.. Enjoy your baths and dives.. Learn all of the Peloponnese.. Visit vineyards and a mountain lake.. You'll be eating at restaurants on the beach.. See the channel linking the two gulfs. Get to know the monasteries in the mountains.. You'll admire the stunning views. Browse ancient fortresses and ancient Greek cities.. .

Peloponnes & Zakynthos

The journey begins and ends in Athens, you can choose convenient and inexpensive flights. The route runs through the entire Peloponnese peninsula, with stopovers at hotels on the coast or nearby. The purpose of the trip is perhaps the most famous bay in the world - Navayo, on the island of Zakynthos. Unlike sightseeing tours, which take tourists to this beach for swimming, like a village in a barrel, our scenario offers an alternative option. You will be able to drive up to the observation deck from where this photo was taken and enjoy the incredible sunset.

Peloponnes & Zakynthos

13 days itinerary by Svetlana Lisitskaya - Beach and Relax, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 8 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Beach and Relax, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: We're arriving in Athens.

There's a whole trip ahead, and today we're just gonna rest at the hotel.
Visiting: Athens

Day 2: Beautiful views of the coast

Today you will discover Greek monasteries, travel along the coast, archaeological excavations and visit the lighthouse. As well as swimming, diving and delicious Greek cuisine.
Visiting: Athens, Loutraki, Dimos Velo-Vocha, Megara, Perachora, Corinth

Day 3: Beauties of Ancient Greece and modernity

Today you will visit the famous ancient port city of Corinth, drive over the bridge over the canal connecting the Corinthian Gulf with Saronicos Gulf, taste wonderful dishes at restaurants on the shore.
Visiting: Dimos Velo-Vocha, Arkhaia Korinthos, Vrachati, Corinth, Kavos

Day 4: The charm of Lake Doxa

Today you will find a wonderful mountain lake, long trips, accommodation in a new hotel and an impressive cuisine.
Visiting: Dimos West Achaea, Dimos Velo-Vocha, Feneos, Pátrai, Planitero

Day 5: The charm of the forest and the sea

Today you can travel to the charming forest on the coast and take a ferry to Zakynthos Island!
Visiting: Dimos West Achaea, Zakynthos, Kyllini, Laganas, Metochi

Day 6: Variety of beaches oh. Zakynthos

Today you will find beaches, lookout points and delicious food. Sibaritvuyte!
Visiting: Zakynthos, Skinaria, Volimai, Mariai, Kato Kateleios

Day 7: Diverse adventures

First, a visit to a diving center, then you will enjoy Greek island cuisine, visit the ancient fortress of the island. Zakynthosa, take a ferry, check into a new hotel, taste drinks - a day of diverse activities.
Visiting: Zakynthos, Pyrgos, Pantokrator, Kyllini, Ambelokipoi

Day 8: Olympus today

Today you will visit the famous antiquities, move to a new hotel and enjoy new dishes.
Visiting: Pyrgos, Tripoli, Olympia, Aris, Manthyrea

Day 9: Mycenaean castle

This morning you will stop at the beloved lake, visit ancient Mycenae and enjoy Greek mountain and coastal cuisine.
Visiting: Corinth, Tripoli, Fikhtion, Mosia, Feneos, Lekhaio

Day 10: Admiration for vineyards

Today we study Greek winemaking and vineyards, enjoy fish and fruits, walk along the shore and have a rest.
Visiting: Corinth, Nemea, Lekhaio

Day 11: Beauty of mountain roads

Today you will travel, have tasty lunches in meat restaurants, return to Athens and check in at a new hotel.
Visiting: Athens, Corinth, Acharnes

Day 12: Return to Athens

Today you will thoroughly explore the sights of Athens, climb Likavit Hill, visit the museum and the National Garden, and learn the intricacies of Athens' cuisine.
Visiting: Athens

Day 13: Time to go home.

On this journey comes to an end, it's time to give up the car before the flight home!
Visiting: Athens