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Route Overview
Day 2224 km185 m

Lost trails

The second day of the trip will be devoted to active walks in the open air, you will visit the burial mounds where according to the legend Prophetic Oleg's grave is located, you will have a walk by the waterfall at the picturesque canyon of the Lava river.

Day Itinerary

15.2 km20 min
Gorchakovschinsky Falls
09:2030 min

Gorchakovschinsky Falls

Open Details
One of the most beautiful and highest waterfalls on the territory of the Leningrad Region is located on the territory of the Staroladozhsky Nature Reserve. It is easy to reach the waterfall, on the way you will meet the signs and hear the noise of water streams. The main thing is to wear high boots or boots in order to get closer.
14.9 km15 min
Olegova Mogila
10:0530 min

Olegova Mogila

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A little north of Staraya Ladoga on the left bank of the river Volkhov there are several hillocks which are called Barrows of Prophetic Oleg. Many other legends are associated with this place. In addition, tourists here can enjoy the incredibly picturesque scenery of the river and the surrounding area.

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Old Ladoga: history and nature
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Old Ladoga: history and nature
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