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Old Ladoga: history and nature

Old Ladoga: history and nature
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


By Car




2 Days


404 km



History and CultureRelaxation
This trip will be full of picturesque nature, fresh air and historical places. You will have to see the Old Ladoga fortress and ancient temples, located near the Volkhov, visit the mound of Prophetic Oleg, walk to the waterfall and go through the canyon of the river Lava - in this adventure there is an exciting activity for everyone, whether you are a history buff or an active adventurer!
Bring your camera, or better yet, paint and a sketchbook - the scenery will be something you'll want to sketch out!
Darina Frantz
Darina Frantz
Travel Expert
  • Visit the mound of Prophetic Oleg.
  • Take a walk along the Ecological Trail.
  • Explore Lava River Canyon.
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Back to the past
Day 1180 km2 km

Back to the past

Today you will go to Volkhov, visit Old Ladoga Fortress and see ancient temples and monasteries. The day promises to be rich and full of impressions. Have a good trip!
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Lost trails
Day 2224 km185 m

Lost trails

The second day of the trip will be devoted to active walks in the open air, you will visit the burial mounds where according to the legend Prophetic Oleg's grave is located, you will have a walk by the waterfall at the picturesque canyon of the Lava river.
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