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Old Holland Biking Route

Old Holland Biking Route
Starts from



3 Days


By Bicycle


30 km






History and Culture
Experience the Netherlands of a bygone era and see how people lived, spent their free time and worked. The destinations along this route offer a fascinating insight into Dutch history. Put yourself in the shoes of a true Volendammer, enjoy the unspoiled Dutch landscape and learn how clogs are made. A real taste – sometimes literally – of the past!
On the second day, we offer you to enjoy the audio-guided tour from izi.Travel in the Old Holland complemented by bookable hotels and some cool places to have dinner.
Kirill Khomko
Kirill Khomko
Travel Expert
  • Experience the Netherlands of a bygone era.
  • Cheese, clogs, traditional dress.
  • And, of course, eels.
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Travel Itinerary

Evening in Amsterdam
Day 12 km840 m

Evening in Amsterdam

Get ready for a great adventure north of Amsterdam that awaits you on the next day. Check in to a hotel if you need one, have a nice dinner and evening before tomorrow.
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Biking tour in Old Holland
Day 21 km21 km15 km

Biking tour in Old Holland

Take a bus to the north-east of Amsterdam to enjoy a great day full of beautiful scenery, interesting museums and tasty things. We also offer you an overnight stay in the area to enjoy the morning views.
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Back to Amsterdam
Day 39 km15 km

Back to Amsterdam

Wake up, enjoy the morning, drive along the shore to drop off your bike and get back to the city.
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