Get to a quiet protected area. Dine by the lake.. Learn about Novikov ceramics. Watch a movie from the car.

 Not far from Sochi

We have to make a journey to unknown places, which will surprise even the native of Sochi. Only 30 kilometers from the city and we will find ourselves in the valley of the river Sochi, where we will walk along an eco-trail laid in untouched nature. We will dive into the world of new and wild, relax from the hustle and bustle of the city by the lake, and then enjoy the culture of the village Plastunaka and watch a movie in a car cinema. *" Bring comfortable clothes and shoes, you'll need them!

Not far from Sochi

1 day itinerary by Xena Fedchenkova - Arts and Creativity -

Road Trip Categories: Arts and Creativity

Day 1: Right next to you.

We will visit amazing places very close to Sochi. Such a journey you will remember for a long time.
Visiting: Plastunka, Baranovka, Sochi, Nizhneye Orekhovo, Razbityy Kotel, Verkhne Yurt