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Day 22 km994 m

Horse Ride by the Lake and Explore the Area by Seaplane

Day 2 of this itinerary is fully dedicated to all the other the activities you can have along the Lake: let's ride horses and seaplanes!

Day Itinerary

326 m5 min
ASD Il Quadrifoglio
09:002 h

ASD Il Quadrifoglio

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The nature that surrounds the lake and the proximity to the Maremma area (in Tuscany) make the Lake of Bolsena a perfect place for horse riding. Depending on your experience, you can choose between paths along the lake or a visit to the Turona Park: a full day in nature.
I strongly recommend to book a horse ride with the "Il Quadrifoglio", partner riding school of the Palazzo Cozza Caposavi Hotel. You can go on a ride in the woods, along the ancient paths of the Via Francigena, or to the lake shores, passing by the ancient Etruscan ruins.
732 m10 min
Club Idrovolanti Bolsena La Fenice
11:152 h

Club Idrovolanti Bolsena La Fenice

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There is a very unusual way to visit Tuscia and Lake Bolsena: by seaplane. I was lucky enough to do it. You can request the overflight of an area, such as the lake or, as in my case, the town of Civita di Bagnoregio or you can use it as a means of transport to visit Tuscia or reach other places in Tuscany and Umbria. Get in touch with the Club Idrovolante “La Fenice” (“La Fenice” Seaplane Club).

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