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Day 3167 km

Earls’ Luxuriance

Today let's enjoy a wonderful heritage left for us by earls. This legacy has recently become open to general use.
Stroll in the parks where king’s architects revealed their talents at its finest awaits you. Also, you will spend time on the beach and after being recharged by nature you will visit one more castle and get many positive emotions.

Day Itinerary

14.5 km20 min
Dyffryn Gardens
09:551 h

Dyffryn Gardens

Open Details
Start with the Dyffryn Gardens that are included in the National Trust.
20.6 km40 min
The Beach Cafe
11:401 h

The Beach Cafe

Open Details
Get satisfaction from walking along the beach, carefully watch the stones of bizarre form, spread your lungs and breathe freely. Go up to the surrounding hills and glance over the water surface.

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