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Nature and Castles: From the Vicinity of London to Brecon Beacons

Nature and Castles: From the Vicinity of London to Brecon Beacons
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4 Days


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Sights in NatureHistory and Culture
This scenario has been specially created for those who want to learn more about stunning English landscapes full of romance and to plunge into a centuries-long history, some moments of which remain a mystery even today.
You will see the most beautiful castles with your eyes and will convince of uniqueness of each fortress. The trip to one of the most mystical places, which intended use is not certain in these days, awaits you. You definitely will be greatly impressed with the journey as it is impossible to stay indifferent to the views opening from the top of Sugar Loaf mountain and to the walks along the tracks under the powerful chestnuts. You will touch the sea world which captivates with its impetuousness by visiting a ship-museum and will experience the spirit of Roman Empire by watching the Roman baths.
Kirill Khomko
Kirill Khomko
Travel Expert
  • Visiting old castles.
  • Strolling along the beach.
  • Going up the mountain.
  • Walking in the national park.

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Castles and Abbeys
Day 1244 km

Castles and Abbeys

The journey begins. The acquaintance with medieval castles and the walk in the ‘round dance of stones’ – the oldest of megalithic structures are waiting for you today. You will spend time in the open air in the park where more than 2.500 kinds of trees grow. Moreover, you will have dinner in the unique cafe.
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Knight's Nobility and Mountain Tops
Day 2191 km

Knight's Nobility and Mountain Tops

The second day is the continuation of the first day, yet there are some interesting changes there. Firstly, you will dedicate time to deepening your knowledge on knights' places and religious abbeys. And later you will go up the mountains to see incredible views to the nearest crests.
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Earls’ Luxuriance
Day 3167 km

Earls’ Luxuriance

Today let's enjoy a wonderful heritage left for us by earls. This legacy has recently become open to general use. Stroll in the parks where king’s architects revealed their talents at its finest awaits you. Also, you will spend time on the beach and after being recharged by nature you will visit one more castle and get many positive emotions.
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Roman Spirit
Day 4288 km

Roman Spirit

The final day promises to be really diverse and totally captivating. Firstly, we will head to an unusual park, where architectural constructions perfectly compliment natural landscape. Later, you will make one more leap to the past, to the times of Roman Empire. Then you will come back but not in our days but in the epoch of wind-driven ships. The highlight of the evening will be an unusual supper in the Korean restaurant.
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