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Route Overview
Day 2275 km

Rufabgo Falls and Lagonaki Plateau

On the second day you will see 10 waterfalls and one ancient dolmen, ski at an altitude of 1750 meters above sea level and descend into a cave of 1900 square meters.

Day Itinerary

3.1 km5 min
Rufabgo Falls
09:0545 min

Rufabgo Falls

Pedestrian Plaza
Open Details
A breathtaking walk along the magical gorge along the Rufabgo River, with dozens of waterfalls along the way, awaits you. The canyon itself is also incredibly beautiful at any time of the year.
34.5 km50 min
Azish-Tau Ski Resort
11:001 h 30 min

Azish-Tau Ski Resort

Scenic Lookout
Open Details
On Lagonaki plateau you can organize active rest at any time of the year: in summer - horseback riding, trekking, quad bikes, in winter - skiing, snowmobiles, tubing.
Rental of a set of equipment costs 1000 rubles a day, a one-time lift on the "Azish-Tau" - 50 rubles.
The resort is open all weekend.

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Natural treasures of Adygeya
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Natural treasures of Adygeya
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