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Natural treasures of Adygeya

Natural treasures of Adygeya
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Mountains of pleasure and waterfalls of impressions from visiting Adygea sights await you on this trip! Two days of adventure in the mountains southeast of Krasnodar.
Александра Нуркаева
Александра Нуркаева
Travel Expert
  • Gain strength in the thermal springs.
  • To see the picturesque gorge in the Hadjokh gorge.
  • Look at Rufabgo's frozen waterfalls.
  • Visit the Lagonaki Plateau.
  • Look into the Great Azish Cave.
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Thermal springs and the gorge of the Belaya River
Day 1189 km959 m

Thermal springs and the gorge of the Belaya River

Start your journey with a spa in the healing hot springs of Adygea, and once you're strong, head to the picturesque gorge of the mountainous Belaya River.
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Rufabgo Falls and Lagonaki Plateau
Day 2275 km

Rufabgo Falls and Lagonaki Plateau

On the second day you will see 10 waterfalls and one ancient dolmen, ski at an altitude of 1750 meters above sea level and descend into a cave of 1900 square meters.
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