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Natural treasures of Adygeya

Road Trip Route. Gain strength in the thermal springs, To see the picturesque gorge in the Hadjokh gorge., Look at Rufabgo's frozen waterfalls., Visit the Lagonaki Plateau, Look into the Great Azish Cave..

Mountains of pleasure and waterfalls of impressions from visiting Adygea sights await you on this trip! Two days of adventure in the mountains southeast of Krasnodar.

Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Krasnodar

Александра Нуркаева. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Thermal springs and the gorge of the Belaya River

Start your journey with a spa in the healing hot springs of Adygea, and once you're strong, head to the picturesque gorge of the mountainous Belaya River.


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Парк Заповедник

The main highlight of the park is a large collection of megaliths of bizarre shape. Huge boulders are organically inscribed in the landscape of the park, so it is interesting to walk here, both in summer and winter.

The Water Riviera Thermal Spring.

Bathing in hot thermal springs guarantees you unforgettable sensations, a tide of cheerfulness and great mood for the whole trip!

Hinkalnaya Cafe

After water procedures, dine in a cozy cafe of Caucasian cuisine with delicious hinkali and khachapuri.

Eiffel tower

You won't pass by this new Adygean landmark for sure - the construction rises up to 22 meters. Just take a photo with the Eiffel Tower and move on! You may have to pay a fee to enter the area (depending on seasonality).

Хаджохская Теснина

Stroll along the equipped route of the scenic gorge and be sure to follow the canyon trail: you'll enjoy spectacular views of the White River!

Cafe "The Witchcrafter"

Have dinner in a cafe at the station market, at the same time you can buy Adygea cheese from local producers. After dinner you can walk to the suspended pedestrian bridge over the White River.

Day 2: Rufabgo Falls and Lagonaki Plateau

On the second day you will see 10 waterfalls and one ancient dolmen, ski at an altitude of 1750 meters above sea level and descend into a cave of 1900 square meters.

Rufabgo Falls

A breathtaking walk along the magical gorge along the Rufabgo River, with dozens of waterfalls along the way, awaits you. The canyon itself is also incredibly beautiful at any time of the year.

Azish-Tau Ski Resort

On Lagonaki plateau you can organize active rest at any time of the year: in summer - horseback riding, trekking, quad bikes, in winter - skiing, snowmobiles, tubing. Rental of a set of equipment costs 1000 rubles a day, a one-time lift on the "Azish-Tau" - 50 rubles. The resort is open all weekend.

Café Edelweiss

Lunch at Café Edelweiss next to the Great Aziz Cave.

Great Azish Cave

A fabulous cave with bizarre stalactites and stalagmites and fabulous lighting. Visit with a guided tour. There is a route along the cave river for the extreme, equipment is given. Tours take place as groups are formed.


The Hajjokh dolmen are at least 4000 years old, but they are very well preserved. After seeing the dolmen, be sure to visit the Ammonite Museum. Ammonites are ancient cephalopods, the remains of which have been preserved to this day in the form of fossils. Entrance to the museum is paid, but the cost is purely symbolic.

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I hope you enjoyed this fascinating journey and enjoyed the southern nature!