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Day 4473 km

Mars in the Tula region

Yes, Mars! Yes, mountains! And all this in the Tula region! Today's program is chill-day: bring your swimsuit, food or meat for a kebab, and plaids on which you can sunbathe and just relax. It's best to leave early and arrive before lunch to get a good seat.

Day Itinerary

112.8 km1 h 30 min
House Museum, IA Bunin
10:3045 min

House Museum, IA Bunin

Open Details
If children know Bunin as the author of lyric poems about nature, adults are likely to be familiar with the writer's cycle "Dark Alleys". You can get acquainted with the life and works of Ivan Bunin in the house-museum. The room itself is small, and its tour will not take more than an hour.
The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday.
97.4 km1 h 30 min
Romantsevskiye Gory
13:003 h 30 min

Romantsevskiye Gory

Open Details
The Romantsev Mountains are a unique natural location, which resembles the surface of Mars because of its topography and color.
Here you can climb to the top of the mountain and take the coolest photos for Instagram, swim in the quarry, have a picnic or barbecue, and even do SUP-surfing.
If you decide to try your hand at surfing, be sure to contact the instructors beforehand.
Phone: +79539531619.

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Natural reserves, estates and mountains in Tula region
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Natural reserves, estates and mountains in Tula region
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