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Natural reserves, estates and mountains in Tula region

Natural reserves, estates and mountains in Tula region
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Kids Friendly
Where to go as a family? To Kudynka Hill! Or maybe you'd like to go to Mars? No, we're not joking: you can visit these and many other cool places by going on fascinating journey across Tula region.
You will also see bison, deer, bulls, camels, bears, and even lions, you will visit Polenov and Tolstoy, and you will see how interesting a machine tool museum can be.
Trip features:
  • It will appeal to those who like wildlife, wildlife and historical places;
  • Great for families with children from 10 years old;
  • There is a rough terrain, you need high ground clearance.

  • Don't forget comfortable shoes and clothes: you'll have to walk a lot.
  • Take a lunchbox and everything for a picnic, as there will be a chill day along the route.
  • Also bring your swimsuit, SPF cream and towel as you'll be swimming in the quarry and SUP surfing.
Ольга Деркач
Ольга Деркач
Travel Expert
  • Get acquainted with the inhabitants of Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve.
  • Plunge into history in the museum-reserve of V.D. Polenov.
  • Taste real Tula gingerbread.
  • Have a lot of entertainment at Kudykino Gora.
  • Take a walk on Romantsevsky mountains.

Travel Itinerary

Polenov Nature Reserves and Polenov Estate
Day 1256 km

Polenov Nature Reserves and Polenov Estate

To walk along the high-altitude ecological path, to listen to birds' singing, to visit the Polenov estate-museum, and to see bison, buffalos, bears and a whole flock of peacocks - what can be better! There are a lot of impressions, and children, of course, will be delighted!
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Tolstoy's homeland and a walk through Tula
Day 242 km177 m

Tolstoy's homeland and a walk through Tula

In the morning you'll see how Leo Tolstoy lived in Yasnaya Polyana, and in the afternoon and evening you'll walk around Tula, try to cook Tula gingerbread and visit the only museum in Russia with a digital performance.
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Journey to Kudyn Mountain
Day 3255 km3 km

Journey to Kudyn Mountain

A real safari paradise and installation space in one place! A great spot for adults and children with a variety of activities and everything you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It's the best place to go on any weekend and dedicate a whole day to the park.
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Mars in the Tula region
Day 4473 km

Mars in the Tula region

Yes, Mars! Yes, mountains! And all this in the Tula region! Today's program is chill-day: bring your swimsuit, food or meat for a kebab, and plaids on which you can sunbathe and just relax. It's best to leave early and arrive before lunch to get a good seat.
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