Visit national parks: Glen Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands . Drive the entire state from North to South . Enjoy so many great spots to photograph.

National Parks State: Utah from North to South

This scenario offers visiting the many national parks of Utah, with their unusual canyons, arches and valleys. Feel their difference and diversity, experience new sensations and compare the number of stars in the sky in many parts of the state.

National Parks State: Utah from North to South

10 days itinerary by Alexander Popov - Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature - Car, 6 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature

Day 1: Welcome to Salt Lake City!

The first day is perfect for the city exploration. A visit to the Capitol, a delicious dinner and a rest in a hotel room are all you need to set the tone for your trip. Don't think there are a lot of such calm days ahead, because your adventurous tour across the Utah national parks starts now.
Visiting: Salt Lake City, Las Vegas

Day 2: Exploring the city

Start the day with tasty buns and salads. Spice it up with the Historical Museum of the history of Utah, and the day becomes amazing! After a small lunch, we are going to conquer the canyon and have a bike ride at will. Next, go to the Temple Square, collected many attractions. Of course, after such a busy day, you shall encourage yourself with shopping and entertainment.
Visiting: Salt Lake City, Las Vegas

Day 3: The beginning of wandering.

Healthy food and smoothies are the perfect start to the day. Today we visit the largest freshwater lake, then go to Provo Peak and spend the night not in the state capital, but in the small town of Provo.
Visiting: Salt Lake City, Provo, Las Vegas

Day 4: Conquering Arches

We take the road across small towns to Arches National Park, famous for its arches of sandstone and many others. Spend most of your time there and enjoy the beautiful views. In the evening, check out the cafe where they cook according to family recipes.
Visiting: Provo, Price, Moab, Elba, Las Vegas

Day 5: Meet the sunset walking through the canyons

We continue to explore the canyon and go to the Canyonlands to spend most of the day and in the evening we arrive at the Dead Horse Head park with rightening name and delighting view. After dinner, we go to the motel to continue our adventure fresh tomorrow.
Visiting: Moab, Floy, Las Vegas

Day 6: Bryce Canyon and surroundings

The day is going to be busy and eventful: we visit another park, where amazing and surrealistic mountain formations are located, and have a picnic in the fresh air.
Visiting: Moab, Torrey, Hanksville, Canyon Point, Bryce Canyon, Tropic, Brian Head, Las Vegas

Day 7: Continuing your trip to the reserves

Today you meet two parks on your way. The first is Fishlake. There are quite a few tourists and you can enjoy the beauty of plant life and rocks. The second is Cedar Breaks, where you will see the frighteningly fascinating faults of rocks for yourself. The evening is up to you, spend it sitting in tents in the park, or stay in a hotel room.
Visiting: Brian Head, Richfield, Beaver, Kanosh, Las Vegas

Day 8: The last park on your way home

Today offers: an early rise, the plant life of Zion National Park, views of the bright red rocks and of course, an evening at a Mexican restaurant, followed by a rest in a hotel. Last night before the road to Lag Vegas.
Visiting: Brian Head, Springdale, Cedar City, Saint George, Las Vegas

Day 9: A Day in Las Vegas

The day is saturated with the colors of the big city. In the world of slot machines, we also find such a beautiful and dangerous nature in its various descriptions. Enjoy a gallery of photos of the enlightened wild nature, a motley flower greenhouse, and, of course, a magnificent and breathtaking view from the Ferris wheel cabin.
Visiting: Saint George, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas

Day 10: Way home

Your journey through the state of Utah and the center of Las Vegas has come to an end, if you have enough time after breakfast, spend it on an exciting walk through the center of the metropolis and do not forget to buy souvenirs for friends.
Visiting: Las Vegas