We're looking forward to an incredible tour of the best museums . We'll also be in planetariums and zoos . We'll also stop by the most beautiful nature reserves and national parks.

Midwest Road Trip

A family trip through the Midwest is always interesting and fascinating, as the states of this region are located at the crossroads of the main transport arteries of the country, which, in turn, had a positive impact on the development of culture and tourism infrastructure. Our journey will begin in one of Missouri's largest cities, St. Louis. We plan to visit here various interesting museums, picturesque city parks and other significant sights. Next we intend to go east to Indianapolis. On the way we will definitely visit several natural parks, see various original monuments, and in the city itself we will make some fascinating excursions through its museums. We also have plans to go to Louisville and then back to St. Louis. We will not only drive between these cities, but also visit incredible National Parks on the way.

Midwest Road Trip

8 days itinerary by Edward Harrington - Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Arrival night

We're flying to St. Louis today. We will probably only have the evening at our disposal, so we decided to make the necessary preparations, and then go to dinner in a cozy restaurant.
Visiting: St. Louis

Day 2: The museums of St. Louis

Today we plan to devote our attention to several interesting museums of the city. We will get acquainted with the culture and history of these places, as well as make some fascinating walks through the iconic places of the city, of course, the day will not be without delicious cuisine.
Visiting: St. Louis

Day 3: We're going to Indianapolis

Today we plan to spend on a trip to Indianapolis. We'll start the day with a fun tour, and then we'll go on the road. On the way we will also stop at some interesting places.
Visiting: St. Louis, Vandalia, Collinsville, Aviston, Casey, Terre Haute, Indianapolis

Day 4: Indianapolis museums tours

Today we are planning to visit the most interesting places in Indianapolis, among which there will be different museums. We will plunge into the culture and history of these places, and we will not forget and have fun.
Visiting: Indianapolis

Day 5: A day in the countryside

While driving through different cities, we mainly focus on museums and some cultural objects, today we plan to interrupt this tradition, because on the way to Louisville there are an incredible number of beautiful natural places.
Visiting: Indianapolis, Louisville, Bloomington, Nashville, Salem

Day 6: Walks for the inquisitive

Once in Louisville, we have planned our time here to visit the most interesting museums and attractions, including the planetarium and zoo. Besides, we're gonna go for a walk through the picturesque parks of the center.
Visiting: Louisville, Saint Matthews

Day 7: The unbelievable nature of the Midwest

Today we are going to be mainly in small towns, not big cities, and that's why our plans include trips to beautiful natural places that we meet on our way. We'll stop by the national park as well as the beach and visit some beautiful parks.
Visiting: Louisville, New Albany, Jasper, Bedford, Fairfield, Evansville, Carlyle, St. Louis

Day 8: Morning in the greenhouses

Tonight we're finishing our Midwest trip. We've already seen a lot of things in St. Louis, but there's still one more place that might surprise us - the state botanical garden, where we'll go.
Visiting: St. Louis