Medicine for boredom: tour for active in the Sverdlovsk region – Road.Travel

Medicine for boredom: tour for active in the Sverdlovsk region

Road Trip Route. Visit the mighty cliffs of Damn City., Walk along the paths of the Deer Creek Reserve., To see all the details of the starry sky in an astronomical observatory telescope, Make friends with the horses..

Journey for those who dream of breaking out of the city bustle into nature, expanding the boundaries of everyday life and taking part in exciting adventures. Rocks of mad beauty, breathtaking views of the Chusovaya River, nature reserves, admiring the stars - it will be fun! Choose comfortable shoes and clothes for your trip - you will have to walk many kilometers! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

Active Leisure. From: Yekaterinburg

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Lakes and rocks of the Sverdlovsk region

On the first day of this mini-trip you will visit Ganina Yama - one of the most popular places among pilgrims and tourists in the Sverdlovsk region. Then the way lies to the Devil's Hillfort - an extraordinary ridge of rocks among the dense forest near Ekaterinburg. Sunset can be found on the shore of the beautiful Sand Lake, and the evening can be quietly spent in Pervouralsk.


Ганина Яма

All citizens of Ekaterinburg know about Ganina Yama (and not only), however, this place will be interesting to visit even for the hundredth time. According to the Russian Orthodox Church, in place of the abandoned Iset mine lie the ashes of the executed members of the royal family headed by Emperor Nicholas II. In 2000, a monastery was established on this land. Now there are seven temples in the complex - by the number of killed members of the royal family. There is also a museum of royal belongings, a bell tower and household premises. Ganina Yama is not only a pilgrimage centre, but also a great place for a morning stroll: the smell of pine needles, the singing of birds and a sense of solitude will give you a cheerful and wonderful mood. The hotel is open from 06:00 to 21:00, the museum is open from 10:30 to 16:30. Shawls and skirts for visiting the complex are available at the entrance, men should wear pants and a long-sleeved shirt. You can also have lunch at the monastery, and you can order tours and pilgrimage meals by phone at [the site](


We advise you to leave the car in the village and go to the rock on foot.

Скалы «Чертово Городище»

Damn Castle is the majestic rocks at the top of the mountain of the same name. The mighty granite ridge attracts rock climbers, geologists and all brave nature lovers. Probably, our ancestors considered this place a sanctuary, because at the foot of the stone ridge, archaeologists found shards of earthenware, copper sheets and pendants-shelves. After the monastery of Ganina Yama it is necessary to take a course to the village of Koptyaki, then drive along the Iset lake to Iset village. You can get by car directly to "Gorodischa", but it is better to leave the transport in the village and walk to the rocks (distance about 3 km). The road itself is a separate adventure, and the reward will be amazing views of the mountains.

Lake Sand Lake

The road to Sand Lake is very difficult and not every car can do it, so the most reliable way to get there is to go back from the rocks to the Iset to the parked car and drive to the lake from the south side through the village of Severka on ECAD or on urban roads. The sand lake is perhaps the most picturesque place in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg. It is surrounded by pine forests, huge boulders between trees and mountain peaks on the horizon.

Innovative Cultural Center

In Pervouralsk we recommend you to visit the country's first "Innovative Cultural Center" - a unique facility in the historical center of the city. In this building, which is itself delightful, you can visit rare expositions, various exhibitions, a high-tech library, symphonic and rock concerts, theatrical performances and art parties. Keep an eye on the posters! Work schedule of the ICC: from 10:00 to 21:00 without breaks and weekends.

Art Cafe "Stendhal"

Probably after long hikes and excursions you managed to get hungry, rushed to dinner in a cafe. We advise you to pay attention to "Stendhal" - the first art cafe in the city: it will delight with coziness, reasonable prices and quality service.

Day 2: Deer Streams Nature Park - the edge of rocky cliffs and clear rivers.

The second day of the trip is dedicated to the Deer Streams Nature Park. The beauty of these places will impress anyone, and also will help to realize more deeply how diverse and picturesque the nature of the Urals is. Closer to the evening we will try to get to the mysterious Didinsky Tunnel - this place will interest people interested in urbanism and speleology.

Оленьи Ручьи

The Deer Rivers Nature Reserve ( is 12 thousand hectares of untouched nature in the Middle Urals. Karst formations, forest-steppe and taiga, rocky banks of the Serga - it's impossible to see everything in one day, but you can see the most picturesque places. You can move around the park along the equipped routes. Also, the administration offers five options for excursions lasting 3-7 hours. Meals during such excursions are not provided, so you should take sandwiches, thermos with tea, cookies in your backpack.

Café "Forest Cuisine"

After the tour you can have lunch in the cafe "Forest Cuisine": it serves mainly organized groups of tourists, but the administrators will not refuse individual travelers. To call on the organization of catering, schedule of work of cafe and rent by phone: +7(950)207-44-41 - Alla, +7(908)911-88-36 Elena.

Didinskiy tunnel

The kilometer-long Didinski Tunnel was cut in 1918 and used for 77 years. In the winter of 1995 another railway line was laid nearby. Gradually the tunnel fell into disrepair, so that the rails and other infrastructure were dismantled. The Didinskiy tunnel is a kind of natural anomaly: in winter water stands inside, but in summer and up to October icicles and ice. The object was declared emergency: sometimes stone blocks fall from the ceiling, inside and outside at the entrance there are wells where it is easy to fall down. That's why those who dared to explore this landmark need to be extremely attentive, bring flashlights and comfortable shoes (rubber boots). There are many legends associated with this tunnel. For example, the myth about the treasures buried in these parts by soldiers of the white army. It is also said that the ghost of the chief engineer, who miscalculated and killed himself, wanders through the tunnel. It's harder to get to the tunnel in winter. To avoid getting stuck, tourists prefer to leave their cars at the turn at the 303rd kilometer of R-242 and the rest of the way on foot (5-10 minutes walk).

Chusovaya" tourist base cafe

You can have dinner at the Chusovaya base restaurant. Cafe Barka serves Russian and European cuisine, and has a billiards and bar. Banquet halls for 10-300 people can celebrate a personal holiday.

Day 3: Rest on the camp and admire the stars

The third day of the trip you will spend in the countryside. You can talk about the beauty of Chusovaya River banks forever, but it's better to see them yourself. In the evening you can go to the Kourov astronomical observatory to learn about stars and admire the constellations in telescopes.

Chusovaya Camp

The third day of the trip will be spent at [Chusovaya tourist base]( Here you will be offered a bunch of entertainment that perfectly fits in a short trip. You can go on auto hiking tours in the surroundings, take a horse ride, ride snowmobiles or ATVs, or visit a small museum dedicated to the history of the base. There are also three baths, an outdoor heated all year round pool, a salt room and a spa.

Chusovaya" tourist base cafe

You can have lunch and dinner here, too. In the menu: fleshy daily cabbage soup with a glass of ice vodka, beer okroshka, Russian pike-perch, staple with mushrooms and so on. There is a separate menu with dishes to order and a complex menu. You can book a meal by calling 8 922-037-87-66.

Kourov Astronomical Observatory

After dinner it is a good time to go to the Kourovka Astronomical Observatory. Established in 1965, it is the easternmost observatory in Europe and the most important scientific center. The observatory offers guided tours for tourist groups and individual visitors. It is important to understand that the tours are not recreational, but educational. There are day and evening tours lasting 1.5-2 hours. The program includes a story about the observatory, a lecture on astronomy with slides, visits to telescopes and stargazing (if the weather is clear). You can make an appointment for the excursion only by prior arrangement by phone +7 953 820 5163.

Day 4: Novoutkinskaya cave, Galkinsky quarry, Teplaya mountain, Kabalinskie springs

On the last day of the mini-journey you can explore the Novoutkinska cave, have a rest on the shore of Galka quarry in Bilimbai, break a picnic on Mount Teplaya. An excellent end of the trip will be a visit to the Kabalin Springs in Revda and a beautiful dinner at one of the best restaurants in Yekaterinburg.

Novoutkinsk cave

Utkinská cave of karst origin was formed in calcareous rocks. The height of the entrance is 3 metres. The cave has two grottoes - large and small. The big grotto has a huge boulder of limestone hanging from the ceiling. This might not be the most amazing cave in the Urals, but it is worth dropping in here for half an hour for sure.

Galka quarry

Galkinka quarry on the southern outskirts of Bilimbai village is a favorite recreation place among locals. During the war, dolomites were mined in these places. Before the war, limestone was dug in the Sukhorechensky quarry (it is located to the west of Bilimbai), but due to lack of horses and vehicles it was necessary to mine the quarry closer to the railway station. Dolomite was extracted at Galka open pit until 2013. They say that his owner went bankrupt and the case had to be covered up. The quarry quickly filled with ground water and turned into a picturesque lake with turquoise water, where it is so pleasant to relax on a clear day. And if it's bad weather outside, you can wait for the rain in the Holy Trinity Church of Bilimbaia. The church is known for its Corinthian cast iron capitals of columns, which are unique even to the Urals, and valuable ancient icons.

Kabalinskoe springs

Now let's take a look at Revda. Kabala springs - four springs in the southwestern part of the city. It's a wonderful place to take a walk, get some fresh air, feed squirrels.

Sushi Fresh

It's time for a refreshment! Let's visit the most beloved local cafe "Sushi Fresh". The dishes on the menu justify the name - sushi and rolls are great here! If you don't like Asian food, try the pizza on a crispy pastry. And there's also a great selection of coffee!

КСК Алькор-Хорс

The culmination of the day - a visit to an equestrian sports club. Here you can take a riding lesson or go on a quiet horseback riding in the surrounding area accompanied by an instructor. And after that you can have a photo session with beautiful horses. Please note that access to the class is by prior request only. Contact numbers can be found on [club's website](

Park Inn by Radisson

We recommend ending your trip in the Park Inn by Radisson's Onegin Restaurant. This is the case when it is delicious, beautiful and hearty. ** By the way, this hotel has a discount on accommodation for Mastercard cardholders. Book a room on a special page at [Radisson Hotels]( **, pay for it with a Mastercard premium card and get a 15% discount, as well as the possibility of early arrival and late departure. [Full promotion rules](**