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Life of Russian classics

Life of Russian classics
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History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
What could be better for a lover of Russian classics than spending a weekend with Polenov, Tolstoy and Esenin. That's what awaits you on this journey. You will start it with traditional Russian landscapes, which can be found in Polenov's paintings, then your way will go to Yasnaya Polyana, to Tolstoy's ancestral home, where you can learn how his most famous novels were born, how his "Childhood", "Adolescence and Youth" passed. And at the end of the trip you will find the place where the famous Russian poet Sergey Esenin was born and grew up and actually started his way in the world of literary art.
Anna Semochkina
Anna Semochkina
Travel Expert
  • V.D.Polenov Museum-Reserve.
  • A leisurely life in Yasnaya Polyana.
  • Stroll along modern Kazanskaya embankment.
  • Tula Kremlin.
  • Old town Zaraiska.
  • Esenina Museum-Reserve.
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In the places of Polenov and Tolstoy.
Day 1274 km5 km

In the places of Polenov and Tolstoy.

You will start your journey from Zaokskie expanses, from the places where the artist Polenov lived. Polenov loved to get out of the city and watch the endless Russian fields, he found beauty in painfully familiar views - in slender birches and mighty pines. Immerse yourself in his paintings and look at the world through the eyes of an artist. Then you will be no less deeply immersed in culture - you will find yourself in the family estate of L.N. Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana. Here the writer was born and died, he really loved this land, and it helped him to create masterpieces. The night you will meet in Tula, strolling along the embankment along the Kremlin.
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From Tolstoy to Esenin.
Day 2273 km5 km

From Tolstoy to Esenin.

Today you will start by getting to know the city of Tula and walking its streets, then you will look into the Kremlin, make a wish at the Horseshoe of Happiness and see the flea Lefty. After you, another amazing old Kremlin awaits you in Zaraysk, where you will stay for lunch. And you will finish your day with another classic - Sergey Esenin in the village of Konstantinovo.
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