Visit Kentucky, the birthplace of Bourbon . See the famous distilleries . Learn the history and methods of making Bourbon . Taste different types of Bourbon . Enjoy the natural beauty.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

This trip will bring a lot of new experiences and knowledge, both for those who have long been familiar with the history of American Bourbon, and for those who just startis the exploration. You will see many different industries and methods of preparing the drink, visit several museums that will impress even most refined travelers. Before the trip, check whether all the distilleries are open and pre-book the excursions, since the guided tours may be already fully booked upon your arrival at the site. Be careful on the road, the turns to the distilleries can be easily missed.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

6 days itinerary by Anastasia Omelchuk - History and Culture - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: The nature exploration

Enjoy your study visit to a new place today, go for a walk in the picturesque park and have dinner at a local restaurant.
Visiting: Louisville

Day 2: Whiskey exploration

The day starts with a trip to the first distillery with a mighty bull on the label, the second place is related to the well-known brand of whiskey and you also have an excursion there. Get ready!
Visiting: Louisville, Frankfort, Clermont

Day 3: История и виски

Today you visit two more interesting and colorful distilleries of alcoholic beverages, each of which has an interesting history and rich heritage.
Visiting: Louisville, Bardstown

Day 4: Art Museum, Whiskey and Nature

This day is going be filled with interesting locations. At the beginning of the day you visit the art museum, then go on excursions to the distilleries, and spend the evening enjoying nature.
Visiting: Louisville, Versailles, Loretto, Claremont

Day 5: Incredible distillery stories

You visit two rather interesting alcoholic productions today. Their stories will definitely impress you.
Visiting: Louisville, Lawrenceburg, Harrodsburg

Day 6: Slugger manufacturing

Today is your final day on this beautiful journey, you visit another interesting place, namely the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.
Visiting: Louisville