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Journey to Tula and Kulikovo Field

Journey to Tula and Kulikovo Field
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We're going on a trip to Tula. On the first day we'll visit the Melikhovo museum-reserve, the Chekhov estate, learn something interesting about the history of Tula and visit the oldest museum in the city. On the second day we'll go for a walk in the park, go for a ride and see exotic animals. Then we will take a short journey through time and go to the Kulikovo field.
Lina Solo
Lina Solo
Travel Expert
  • To visit the estate of Chekhov Melikhovo.
  • Visit the Museum of Arms in Tula.
  • See the famous Kulikovo Field.
  • Try traditional cuisine.
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Melikhovo Estate, a walk on Tula and the Museum of Arms.
Day 1237 km799 m

Melikhovo Estate, a walk on Tula and the Museum of Arms.

On the first day we will visit A.P. Chekhov's museum-reserve "Melikhovo" and an unusual observation deck near the Oka River. Then we will walk along the main pedestrian street of Tula and visit one of the main museums of the city, the Museum of Arms. Photo by: Celest@Wikipedia Commons.
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Walk in the center of Tula and Kulikovo field
Day 2480 km240 m

Walk in the center of Tula and Kulikovo field

In the morning we will visit the Tula Kremlin, have a rest in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure and admire the exotic animals. Then let's go to the place where the Kulikovo Battle took place seven centuries ago. And in the evening we'll see the memorial dedicated to the defenders of the sky.
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