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Journey to the gingerbread town

Road Trip Route. Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, Tula Kremlin, Museum of Tula Biscuit, Museum "Tula Samovars", Tula State Museum of Arms, .

An exciting journey to the gingerbread town will bring you many happy memories. You'll learn a lot from a fascinating excursion to Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, which contains majestic bison. Once you get to Tula, you'll try local baked goods, admire the samovars and just relax from the grey everyday life. The trip will be suitable for both children and adults.

History and Culture. From: Moscow

Alisa Ivanchenko. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Bisons, samovars and cakes.

We're going to Tula, and on the way to the bison reserve.


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Приокско-Террасный заповедник

A stunning and very popular reserve of mammoth peers - bison and bison. In the reserve, strolling along a special eco-trail, you can see and feed these shaggy symptoms. There are only 8 eco-trops. You can even look at the animals from the observation deck. There is a Museum of Nature and fascinating children's areas. Warning! A visit to the reserve is possible only with a guided tour. The excursion is held every hour from 9 am.

Кафе в заповеднике

You can have lunch in the original cafe on the territory of the reserve.

Тульский кремль

Welcome to Tula! The tour of the city should begin with the Tula Kremlin. It often hosts fairs and folk festivals.

Тульский Пряник

A small, but very interesting museum of the Tula Gingerbread. Visitors highly recommend to take a tour. There is a shop with various traditional sweets. Perfect place to buy delicious souvenirs!

Музей Тульские самовары

Famous all over Russia Tula samovars. Small, but very interesting museum of Russian culture. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Тульский государственный музей оружия

Tula Museum of Arms is annually included in the lists of 10 best museums of Russia. The museum will be very interesting for both adults and children.


To sum up the day, a delicious dinner in front of the road offer a pizza place. Ordering a delicious pizza on a thin dough, it will be great to discuss the past day and impressions of each other.