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Journey to the birthplace of Yesenin

Journey to the birthplace of Yesenin
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2 Days


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485 km






History and CultureUnique Locations
This trip brings together the most beautiful historical monuments near Moscow. In two days, you will have time to visit two Kremlins, see ancient churches built in a variety of architectural styles, from Russian Baroque to Neo-Gothic. This weekend will not go without a visit to museums - in the princely chambers you will touch the history of the Russian state, and in the village of Konstantinovo you will learn more about the youth of Sergey Yesenin.
Elena Sadchikova
Elena Sadchikova
Travel Expert
  • Visit two Kremlin.
  • Buy Kolomna Pastila.
  • Visit a museum named after Yesenin.
  • Take a photo at the White Mountain.

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Travel Itinerary

The Beauty of Old Towns
Day 1218 km3 km

The Beauty of Old Towns

Today you will have an opportunity to compare the Kolomna and Ryazan Kremlins and see the most interesting architectural monuments.
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Oleg Ryazansky Palace and Yeseninsky Reserve
Day 2266 km501 m

Oleg Ryazansky Palace and Yeseninsky Reserve

Start the day with a tour of the princely chambers, then head to the village of Konstantinovo, where the rebel poet spent his youth. On the way home, you'll make a short stop for a photo in an unusual place and visit an ancient monastery.
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