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Day 2215 km597 m

Mysterious Lake Abrau and the oldest winery "Myskhako".

We will spend the morning riding the retro steamer "Champagne" on Lake Abrau, where we learn its amazing history of origin. After that we will go to the village of Myskhako, where we will visit the winery of the same name - we will walk through modern wine shops and historical cellars. And in the evening we'll go back to Krasnodar.

Day Itinerary

597 m10 min
09:301 h 30 min


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While in Abrau-Durso, it is a must to take a walk on the retro steamer "Champagne" on the amazing Lake Abrau, which is the pearl of the resort. Because of the mountains covered with trees, this place is called "little Switzerland".
The lake is the largest freshwater lake in the Krasnodar Region and since 1974 it has been a natural monument. Scientists are still unable to give an exact answer about the lake's origin. One of the versions connects it with the breakage of rocks.
23.7 km40 min
12:301 h


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Lunch will be held in a cozy restaurant, which combines modern design and relaxed classics! Large selection of seafood and live music.

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Journey to Abrau Durso and Myskhako
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Journey to Abrau Durso and Myskhako
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