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Journey to Abrau Durso and Myskhako

Road Trip Route. Visit the oldest wine houses in Russia with 150 years of history, Learn the history of "Abrau Durso" and "Myskhako"., Take a boat trip on the legendary Lake Abrau..

On this trip we will visit two famous Russian Wine Houses - "Abrau-Durso" and "Myskhako", which carry the historical value and traditions of Russian winemaking. You will visit vineyards and cool cellars, see the process of making quiet and sparkling wines. You can taste various brands of Abrau-Durso champagne wines and taste delicious natural Abrau cheeses. And in addition, you will get acquainted with the history of the origin of the largest fresh water lake in the Krasnodar region, as well as visit the show of singing fountains.

Gastronomy, History and Culture. From: Krasnodar

Anna Akimenko. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The Abrau-Durso Wine House and the Singing Fountain Show.

Today we will spend in the famous Abrau-Durso Valley, where we will visit the winery of the same name - learn the history and secrets of production, as well as taste various brands of champagne wines and branded cheeses. In the evening we will have dinner in a chic restaurant on the lake shore and watch a show of singing fountains.

Лесное Озеро

On the way to Abrau-Durso, we'll make a little stop in the park to take a break from the road, get some fresh air and hit the road again!

"Petit Cafe"

So we reached the beautiful Abrau-Durso Valley, which is located in the vicinity of Novorossiysk! Before a tour of the winery, we will have lunch in a French café located on the shore of Lake Abrau and enjoy the stunning views. The menu offers a variety of dishes to suit every taste. They also make delicious cocoa and serve it with marshmallow marshmallow and sweets prepared in the Abrau-Durso confectionery.

Фирменный магазин «Абрау»

In the afternoon I suggest to go to the famous all over the country Wine House "Abrau-Durso", whose history began in 1870. The legendary brand has a huge number of awards and worldwide recognition. The factory is now the official supplier of sparkling wines for state receptions in the Kremlin. During the excursion the guide will acquaint you with a history of factory and technology of manufacture of quiet and sparkling wines, will spend in the ancient tunnels constructed at the end of XIX century at Alexander II. And at the end of the tour there will be a tasting, where 6 brands of champagne wines will be presented. There is also an opportunity to visit a master class at the winery, where under the guidance of professionals you can learn how to create a delicious drink based on wine and fruit.

Champagne-Bar Abrau Dyurso

"King Bottle" is a fountain, which is a landmark of Abrau-Durso. It took 1954 bottles to create it, and the total weight of the structure is more than 3 tons. I suggest taking a couple of unusual pictures at this place!


Be sure to visit the brand shop "Abrau-Durso" to buy the best wines at prices from manufacturers for yourself or as a gift! Here you can find a wide range of famous and author's wines created at the winery. Abrau cheeses are also on sale, based on the best European recipes, but with the introduction of copyright (for example, some cheeses are aged in wine, coffee, rosemary and lavender). Before buying cheeses, a tasting is offered. The shop is open from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 22:00, Saturday and Sunday are weekends.

Grand Kafe Abrau-Dyurso

Cozy establishment "Grand Cafe" is ideal for dinner. Here in a comfortable and soothing atmosphere you can enjoy a variety of dishes that will pleasantly surprise even a sophisticated gourmet. The summer terrace offers a wonderful view of the Abrau mountains and lake. Be sure to try unusual seasonal treats from local ingredients - Black Sea fish, vegetables, fruits and herbs!

Поющий Фонтан

At the end of today we will visit one of the brightest attractions - the light and sound show "Singing Fountains". To the music of different styles and spelling, an incredible water jet dance begins. During the performance, the image of a glass with a bottle of champagne appears against a background of dancing water, which symbolizes a holiday in Abrau-Durso! The show is held during the warm season: from May 1 to October 15.

Day 2: Mysterious Lake Abrau and the oldest winery "Myskhako".

We will spend the morning riding the retro steamer "Champagne" on Lake Abrau, where we learn its amazing history of origin. After that we will go to the village of Myskhako, where we will visit the winery of the same name - we will walk through modern wine shops and historical cellars. And in the evening we'll go back to Krasnodar.


While in Abrau-Durso, it is a must to take a walk on the retro steamer "Champagne" on the amazing Lake Abrau, which is the pearl of the resort. Because of the mountains covered with trees, this place is called "little Switzerland". The lake is the largest freshwater lake in the Krasnodar Region and since 1974 it has been a natural monument. Scientists are still unable to give an exact answer about the lake's origin. One of the versions connects it with the breakage of rocks.

Ресторан "Виноград"

Lunch will be held in a cozy restaurant, which combines modern design and relaxed classics! Large selection of seafood and live music.

Пляж Мысхако

This is a modern small-pebble beach in Myskhako village, a suburb of Novorossiysk. It is perfect for those who want peace and quiet away from the bustling city. From Adygean Myskhako is translated as "cape of dolphins", they can really be seen while swimming in the sea or from the shore.

Агрофирма "Мысхако"

"Myskhako" - one of the oldest wineries in the country, whose history began in 1869. The winery quickly gained a reputation as one of the best on the Black Sea coast and enjoyed popularity among the party elite, and in the 2000s the factory was considered an official supplier to the Kremlin. Take a tour of the winery, where you'll learn about the rich historical heritage of the place, as well as showcase modern wineries and historic cellars. Excursions are only available by appointment from Tuesday to Saturday.

Хутор Диканька

On the road to Krasnodar there is a small number of places for dinner, so we'll turn to a small town of Abinsk, in a cafe called "Khutor Dikanka". Good summer veranda, reasonable prices, polite staff, and most importantly - a real Kuban food. I recommend to try borsch with dumplings and salad "Cossacks are not far off".