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Journey south of Lake Baikal: Buddhist Temples and Nature Reserves

Journey south of Lake Baikal: Buddhist Temples and Nature Reserves
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5 Days


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1097 km






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You'll be taken on a vivid journey through the southwestern outskirts of Lake Baikal. You'll understand why Baikal is called the Pearl of Siberia. You'll visit two beautiful national parks and swim in hot springs. You'll see high peaks, ancient extinct volcanoes, mountain lakes and rivers. You will make a couple of easy climbs.
On your journey you will be able to try traditional Buryat dishes and very unusual tea. You will also walk along ecological trails, where you will have a chance to see wild animals in their natural habitats.
You will get acquainted with the most beautiful and expensive railway of Russia. You will admire its bridges, viaducts and tunnels.
You can visit the sacred shamanic sites and Buddhist temples. And feel how ancient pagan cults are harmoniously intertwined with Buddhist beliefs.
Itinerary features:
  • Many scenic spots for beautiful photos;
  • Unique natural attractions;
  • The route involves ascents to observation sites in the mountains;
  • Part of the route passes through the territory of the Tunka National Park. In order to get to the park, order in advance a pass on the website (the pass can be issued for up to 30-60 days);
  • There is a fee to visit the Baikalsky Reserve. You need to pay in advance and get a permit on the site.

  • Bring comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • The weather in the mountains is unpredictable, so a raincoat or umbrella is a good idea.
  • Mosquito repellent and sunscreen are not out of place.
  • For bathing in thermal springs take a towel, swimsuit, slippers.
  • There are several places along the trail where you can have a picnic and enjoy nature
Lina Solo
Lina Solo
Travel Expert
  • Visit two national parks at once.
  • Try traditional Buryat cuisine.
  • Swim in hot springs.
  • Visit sacred places and Buddhist temples.
  • Have fun at a high mountain rope park.
  • Walk along the most beautiful railway of the country.

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Shaman cliff, "Brooklyn bridge" and waterfalls on the Kalingarga river
Day 1235 km5 km

Shaman cliff, "Brooklyn bridge" and waterfalls on the Kalingarga river

On the first day of the trip you will get in touch with the mystical side of the Tunka valley. You'll see extinct volcanoes and sacred places where spirits are still worshipped. When the majestic Sayan Mountains are nearby, and in the fields you can see horses grazing now and then, it's hard to remain indifferent.
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Bodhidharma Datsan, Warm Springs and Cape Shaman
Day 2192 km4 km

Bodhidharma Datsan, Warm Springs and Cape Shaman

Start your day with a sense of peace and tranquility by visiting a Buddhist monastery. Notice how harmoniously and beautifully Buddhism is juxtaposed with shamanistic beliefs. Spend the middle of the day warm and pleasant. There are hot springs waiting for you! Try traditional Buryat dishes. Believe me, no one will stay indifferent after buuze. And then visit where the cleanest and deepest lake on the planet begins.
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Mineralogical Museum, Wookiee Park and Stupa of Perfect Victory
Day 3189 km269 m

Mineralogical Museum, Wookiee Park and Stupa of Perfect Victory

Today you will see the world's only white marble station and the largest collection of minerals. Make a wish and the spirits of the place will grant it. You will have fun in the high-mountain amusement park. And feel peaceful, enjoying the serenity of nature.
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Baikalsky Nature Reserve and Warm Lakes
Day 4223 km

Baikalsky Nature Reserve and Warm Lakes

Today you will visit the most beautiful and wild places of Baikal. You will stroll along unique ecological trails, learn more about the reserved nature. You'll visit the historical ferry crossing. You'll admire mountain lakes and human-sized ferns.
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Old Angasolka, Roerich Museum and Maryin Utes
Day 5258 km150 m

Old Angasolka, Roerich Museum and Maryin Utes

Today you'll visit two beautiful observation sites, see river panoramas and taiga. In a cozy cafe with a view of Baikal you can try some new dish of Buryat cuisine. You'll visit the unique cultural and exhibition center and walk along the most beautiful railroad. You can also see the bridges, aqueducts and tunnels of the Russian Empire times. And finally, you'll feel like you're on Easter Island.
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